Feeling Whole

Take some time this week to find your connection with the world around you.  We often focus so much on the small details of our lives that we miss out on the bigger things that we will remember down the road.  We miss the forest for trees, but the tree in this meditation will help with that.

Read through the meditation and then close your eyes and remember what you can.  Allow your own meditation to unfurl.

Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Find yourself seated on the grass in a wooded area of a forest. Feel a little bit of moisture below you in the dirt. Feel the warm breeze around you. Hear the sounds of the forest. Reach out and touch the bark of a tree nearby.

As you touch the bark you feel your hand sink in to the bark a bit in a way that feels strange. You do not feel afraid but you know that something magical is happening with the way your hand is sinking into the tree. Push your fingers a bit deeper into the tree. You feel a bit of a tug from the tree as it gently pulls your hand a bit farther in. It is not a strong pull and feels more like an acknowledgement of your presence and an acceptance of your intrusion.

You can no longer see most of you hand as it is within the tree. You feel connected to the tree and can feel the wood inside the bark. You now feel another tug but your hand does not enter the tree. Instead you feel that the tree is pulling out the wasted emotions you are currently feeling. The anxiety the worry the temporary sadness. Any uncomfortable emotion that you no longer will even remember the cause of a month from now or maybe even a week from now. All of the petty annoyances drain out of you into the tree. The tree sends these down into its roots and down into the soil as compost. This energy is easily recycled into positive nutrients for the tree and other plants around it.

You feel as the tree pulls other nutrients into its roots through the soil. They seep up into the trunk up to the branches and the leaves. You feel the energy radiating down from the sun and providing the tree with strength. As the tree pulls in these energies from the world around some also seem into your body. These energies fill you up. The help you to feel whole and full just as you are right now. You are provided with all that you need and given the ability to release what is no longer fueling you.

Allow yourself to feel this fullness and connection with the world around you. The tree never questions if they are doing enough or following the right path. The tree simply focuses on keeping itself strong, nourished and protected. For right now that is all you have to do as well. This moment you are exactly where you need to be and who you need to be.

Send your love into the tree as thanks for this gift. You feel the love from the earth, the sun and the tree return to you, filling you up even further. You then feel a gentle push as the tree releases your hand. The suction of your hand leaving the bark is almost like a kiss from the tree. Take a few deep breaths as you further absorb all you have been given. You rise and begin to walk away from the tree.

Hear the sounds around your physical body. Wiggle your fingers and toes. When you feel ready, open your eyes.

Now, before you have time to lose this relaxed feeling write down some notes about the meditation. This will help you gain further insight into the experience.

What are you thinking about that is not important?

In what area do you feel like you are not enough?

What do you feel you HAVE to do in your life?

How did you learn that and is it absolutely true?

What can you let go of or say no too?

How can you nourish yourself?

Take good care of yourself this week and get outside if you can.  Touch a tree and feel that connection.

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