Feeling Whole

Take some time this week to find your connection with the world around you.  We often focus so much on the small details of our lives that we miss out on the bigger things that we will remember down the road.  We miss the forest for trees, but the tree in this meditation will help [...]

Jung and Shadow Work – Silent Cedars

One of the great contributions in the work of Carl Jung was the delineation of “The Shadow,” a concept partly introduced by Freud in his conception of the “Id,” but given a fuller exposition in the work of Jung. One aspect of the Jungian shadow is “an unconscious aspect of the personality which the […] via [...]

New Moon Guidance or Transition?

Picture by Joshua Damasio Today is the New Moon and that is the time to move in a new direction.  This is an especially transformational new moon since it is right before the new year.  It is time to think about how we want next year to be different from this year. Sometimes we need [...]