September Energy

I hope you weathered the eclipse energy with grace.  It beat me up, even though I knew it was coming.  Absolutely wonderful things hit at the same time horrible tragedies struck.  Glad August is over. I think we all need some time for recuperation in September.  Take a step back and use the healing energy [...]

Solar Eclipse New Moon Meditation!

I am traveling out of the country for this Eclipse and will unfortunately miss it but I thought I would leave you with a transformation meditation for the road.  Have a wonderful eclipse and take good care of yourself as it can be a challenging time. Bridge Meditation on Spotify  

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Meditation

This Monday is not only a Full Moon but a Lunar Eclipse. You may be feeling a bit strange and maybe confused around this time. This is a wonderful time to seek some guidance in order to sail smoothly through this eclipse season. This is a good time to sift through what has happened in [...]