Buh Bye 2016

I don't have it in me to wish you a "Happy New Year"... but I will wish you a happier 2017!   If you have the energy for some soul searching, I do have a gift for you this New Years.  My new Journal is Free on Kindle all weekend.  I hope you enjoy it and it [...]

New Moon Guidance or Transition?

Picture by Joshua Damasio Today is the New Moon and that is the time to move in a new direction.  This is an especially transformational new moon since it is right before the new year.  It is time to think about how we want next year to be different from this year. Sometimes we need [...]

Full Moon Journaling

This is the last full moon of the year.  Over the next few weeks in the Northern Hemisphere we will move towards the shortest day of the year.  Then the energy will start slowly building again for us to push forward in the Spring.  It is time to start wrapping up the year and thinking [...]

Owl Meditation

Thank you so much for allowing me to share these meditations with you.  I needed this one more than anyone else!  I often have a hard time staying in the present and it was so good to have the reminder. Read through the following meditation and then close your eyes and remember what you can. [...]

Choose Your Path – Job Change

Are you looking to change the way you work?  This may be a new job, a promotion, a new project or a new way of looking at your current job.  Before you make any move it is important to think about the path you want to take and make sure your decision leads you in [...]