November Readings

The air here is getting crisp and I have started making lots of soups.  I love this time of year.  I have an excuse to get cozy at home at night but many of the days are still warm and sunny in my part of the woods. Have you been doing your Shadow Work with [...]

Shadow Work #3 – New Moon Meditation

Shadow Work meditations can be intense. This is the third of this Shadow Work series so they are starting to delve deep into who you are (if you missed them here are Meditation #1, Meditation #2). We can often feel controlled and defined by strong emotions. This can hold us back from taking the actions [...]

Shadow Work #2 – Full Moon Meditation

We are fully in the season of Shadow Work. It is time to dive deep into the thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back. Sometimes those issues are clear to you although you may not be sure how to work through them. Other times you have hidden the root of the issue even from [...]