Get Ready for Change

What change are you looking for in your life? I think the first step to change is taking time for contemplation. This may be the most important step and it is often overlooked. Before you take action, you need to know where you want to go.

How do you want to feel going forward? Without knowing this you will head in the wrong direction. When you do start taking actions, baby steps may be best. This allows you to continue your contemplation and make small changes in direction before heading off full steam ahead.

Take some time with this meditation to consider how you want to feel and then consider the first steps to move forward. Read through the meditation and then close your eyes and remember what you can. Let your meditation go in whatever direction you need.

Take a few deep breaths and close your eyes. Find yourself looking across a bay with a beautiful mountain on the other side. Feel your feet in the sand of the beach. Feel the warmth of the air around you. Walk towards the water and let it wet your feet. Feel the warm water on your toes. Smell the salt in the air.

Walk along the edge of the water feeling your feet sink into the sand. See the palm trees sway around you. Off to one side of the beach, you see two palm trees with a hammock hanging between them. You can’t resist a relaxing break in the shade.

Walk over to the hammock and sit down looking out towards the beautiful scene all around you.

Soon you hear someone running through the sand. You look over and a child comes running over to the hammock. Laughing, they climb in with you.

Ask for their name. Ask why they have come for a visit. Take whatever is given. It may be words or thoughts, pictures or feelings. Ask your friend how you can bring more of what you want to feel into your life.

You begin to want to feel the warmth of the sun on your skin and rise from the hammock. You ask your friend to join you as you walk along the beach. Watch your friend as they skip and play along the beach. They make such fun out of something as simple as a walk.

Stop and stand still for a moment. Close your eyes and feel the warmth of the sun fill up your body from your toes all the way to the top of your head. The sun gives you energy and vitality and you feel full with this sensation.

Your friend comes running back to you and say they have a gift for you. Take what they give and thank them. Ask if they need anything from you and if you can, provide it. Thank your friend again and wish them goodbye. Your friend runs off down the beach.

Stand in the sun for a few more minutes enjoying the peace and the warmth.

When you are ready, hear the sounds around your physical body. Wiggle your fingers and toes, and when you are done, open your eyes.

How did you feel in this meditation?


How do you want to feel going forward in your life?


What is the first tiny step you can take to feeling this way more today (even just for 5 minutes)?


What gift did your friend give you and does this have any meaning for you?


Where in your life do you need more energy and vitality?


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9 thoughts on “Get Ready for Change

  1. In the summer of 1965, when I was six years old, my family moved to Puerto Rico, where my father had a job. I remember the day after we arrived, my brother and sisters and I walked to the beach and swam in the Atlantic. It was only a few blocks from part of a small house we rented, so it was an easy walk. i remember how green the water seemed, how unusual it was compared to the swimming pools I’d been in up to that time. I know we went other times to the ocean but that’s the only time I remember now. There were no trees that I remember, and certainly no hammock, but I know that I enjoyed dipping my feet in the sand and feeling the squishiness in my toes.

    So I would say that the child in the meditation was me, at six years old. That’s what came to me anyway – the situation just seemed to fit what I experienced when I was six. Certainly I was quite excited with the new experience, and quite oblivious to the family tensions that existed at the time. When I did become somewhat aware of them, when we were forced to leave Puerto Rico, I didn’t really understand what they meant, not until years later. I’d rather not document here what happened the last day and night we were there.

    I’m sure the boy would tell me, “There are things going on in the background of your life, unpleasant things, things that may or may not hurt you in the future. There really is nothing you can do about them – other people control them and you are but a bit player in their drama. Enjoy the experiences like this one as they happen, and remember them.” And in turn, I would tell the boy, “Yes, there are unpleasant things going on, things that you aren’t aware of. When you do become aware of them, unpleasant as they are, don’t think of them as the summation of experience in this world. These things are unfortunately happening early in your life, and it may seem that this is what life is going to come down to ‘one bad thing after another’, but you need not look at it that way, if you are strong.”

    The gift would undoubtedly have been seashells. As I recall, my younger sister and I spent a lot of time on the beach collecting seashells. I would have been quite happy to give some away.

    So I suppose that overall I would be looking for a way to hang on to the joy and excitement of that first beach experience, and not be bothered by things I can’t control and don’t know exist. However, I always live with the fear that I will be hurt by these unknown things, in a way that I was when we left Puerto Rico.


    1. What an interesting meditation. The young person wasn’t me for once in my meditation. I think the little you had a good message for you. Don’t miss out on the good things for fear of bad things you can’t control. Thanks for sharing with me.


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