Book of Shadows


Shadow work is looking at the parts of yourself you try to ignore.  Shadow work explores the areas you suppress or find embarrassing.  Your shadow is often caused by thoughts and beliefs that you learned from negative experiences or that were taught to you by caregivers and peers. 

Bring these thoughts and beliefs to the light of day, and you can move forward without being held back by feelings from the past.

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Business Shadow Work Journal


This journal is to help you look at what you want from your career. You will explore what will make you happy in your work life and what self-made barriers may be holding you back.

Many people have pursued the careers they thought they should have or wanted only to find that they hated the reality of that job. This book should help you discover what areas of your work-life bring you joy and what you need to avoid. 

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Gratitude Journal


Focus on Gratitude and Compassion to decide what direction to go each month and week throughout the year. Follow the cycles and seasons of the year to guide your transformation.


Take time regularly to focus on gratitude and compassion. Look at what was good and how to learn from the challenges. 

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A Year and a Day Journal


Take 366 days to alter the way you view the world. Consider the thoughts and beliefs that hold you back and open up to the other options available.


Analyze the synchronicities and changes over each month. Each Season take a break to reevaluate your path. Use this journal as documentation of the hard internal work done over the whole year and as a map of where you have come from and changed.

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My name is Jessica Cross, and I am so happy you are here. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with 20 years experience helping people to design their lives.  My Masters in Social Work is from Boston University and I love assisting others to explore their hidden thoughts and beliefs.

I create Journals, Mp3’s and Videos that give you focus to plan how you want to move forward.  I create what helps me to relax and set goals.  Set aside your worries and focus on where you want to go.

Get To Know Me Video


If you are struggling with your Shadow Work and would like support, I offer Skype sessions.  We would begin with collecting information about your situation and what is causing you the most discomfort.  Then we will explore the underlying beliefs and thoughts that are keeping you from making the changes needed to move forward.  This can include guided meditation and other techniques to get at the root of the issue that you cannot see.

If you are interested in booking a session or a package please contact me at and I will provide my available session times or check out my Etsy Store for regularly available times: Click Here.  You must have a Skype account, a computer, tablet or Smartphone with internet access, a webcam and a microphone for a successful Skype session.  All payments are made through Paypal.


25 Min Session – $40

50 Min Session – $75

Brief Treatment Packages

6 Sessions (50 min each) – $420

9 Sessions (50 min each) – $585

12 Sessions (50 min each) – $720

I would love to support you through this important process.


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