New Moon after Summer Solstice

It is time to plan your path for this cycle and decide where you want to go. Make sure to follow the path you are called to, not the one you think you should be on. You are the one that has to follow your path and hopefully you will be on it for a long time. Make it a path you want to be on, even if others think it is crazy.


Take a few deep breaths and close your eyes. Find yourself in front of a long road that leads off into the distance. The ground is flat and there are meadows on either side. You can see that the road heads on a straight path way off to the horizon. What does it feel like to stand on this road? Is it hard under your feet? Does the idea of heading down this path feel invigorating or exhausting?


The weather is warm and you feel a light breeze. You smell the flowers growing on the side of the road. You walk off the road for a moment and into the meadow. You take a deep inhale of the flowers. You pick one to place behind your ear. How does it feel to be in the meadow rather than on the road?


You walk through the meadow parallel to the road for a while. It is slower to walk through than the road, but you enjoy the feel of the grass and the smell of the flowers. You then decide to return to the road and walk there for a while. You look off into the meadow and find that your walk on the road is not as hard after your respite in the meadow.


After a while you decide to enter the meadow again. Do you walk parallel to the road again or decide to walk off farther into the meadow? Do whatever you feel called to do. You may walk far from the road to some shade on the side of the meadow or stick close to the road to keep heading in the right direction. Either decision is fine. You may decide to sit by a nearby river for a while or head back to the road to move faster. Follow your own path.


Soon you see someone walking through the meadow toward you. This is a guide who has come to assist you on your travels. Greet this guide, and if they are new to you, ask their name. Ask what they suggest you do next on your travels. Ask if they have any suggestions on how to continue your journey. Your guide continues to walk with you and you seem to go a long distance with the support of another person.


Eventually your guide says it is time for them to leave but they will return to walk with you again, as will many other guides along the way. Thank your guide and wave as they walk away through the meadow. Sit down for a moment and think about the journey you have already taken. Now decide where you would like to go next. A more direct route near the road or do you enjoy a meandering route through the meadow. Remember you can change your mind at any time and head in a different direction.


When you are ready to return to your physical body, listen for the sounds around you. Wiggle your fingers and toes and open your eyes.


Write down some notes for extra insight.

What type of journey do you feel like you are on right now?


Do you like a direct path to your goals or do you enjoy a more relaxing and meandering route?


Who do you have to help on your path right now?


Where might you find someone else who can assist you towards your goal?


Is it time to take a break on your path or push forward?

Renew your Energy

It is time for complete rejuvenation! Take this time to relax and prepare yourself for all that is coming over the next few weeks. You will need this energy to make the most of this time.

Follow this guided meditation to receive the strength you need. Read through the meditation and then close your eyes and follow your path.

Take a few deep breaths and close your eyes. Find yourself standing at the edge of the water on a beach. The water reaches your toes and you feel a tug at your feet as it pulls away. Your feet sink deeper into the sand until your feet are mostly buried.


Listen to the sound of the waves. Feel the cool water on your feet and ankles. Feel the sun on your face as you connect with the earth. It is as if your feet are an electrical plug and the sand is the socket into the energy of the earth.


What do you need from the earth today? Do you need some peace or some energy? Do you need some insight or inspiration? Let yourself receive whatever is needed.


Now focus on the pull of the water. The water is offering to take away something you do not need right now. Is there a thought, habit or feeling that is not helping you to move forward. Can you consider letting it go for a day, week or month?


It will take effort, as you will want to fall back into the old way of thinking, feeling or old behavior. Will you let the water help you release this just for now? If you fall back into it, that is ok, but you can return here to let the water help you release again. Let go of whatever it is to make room for something new.


Now think of something you would like a little more of in your life. This is not a radical change just a small move in the right direction. Feel the sun shining down on you, allowing you to fill up with the energy and intuition to head in this right direction.


It is not necessary to have all of the answers on how this will happen. Trust that you are being given the wisdom to make the right choice in moving forward.


Now feel all three powers connecting with you at the same time. The gifts from the earth and the sun along with the receiving of the water. Know you are supported and that even when times are tough you can be given the strength to carry on until they are better. Feel this connection and energy for as long as you need it.


When you are ready begin to hear the sounds around your physical body. Wiggle your fingers and toes, and when you feel ready, open your eyes.


Journal Prompts

What do you need to help you regain your energy?

What will help you to take the next step forward?

What are you wasting your time with?

What is draining your energy that you can stop?

What would you like more of going forward?

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Create your own Tea Ritual – from Windhavenshaman

Ritual and Ceremony are a lost art in our modern world, but they are so vital to our spiritual wellness. Ceremony is the bridge between our ordinary life and our spiritual world. You can join a few friends for a tea ceremony, and use your own intuitive guidance to make it special and personal for […]

via Create your own Tea Ritual — Windhavenshaman

Strange Full Moon Meditation

This is the full moon and we have some strange energy around us. I don’t know if you are feeling it. The June full moon always feels a bit chaotic to me. There is a lot happening at this time of the year and it may be time to start something new.

This is a really long and kind of strange meditation as a result. When meditations like this come to me I know that there is some group of people out there who really need to hear this. It is always the meditations that I don’t really understand, that cause people to contact me and say how meaningful they were to that person.

I hope this meditation hits the right people! Please read through the meditation and then close your eyes. Remember what you can and don’t worry if your meditation takes a different direction than the one written here.

Take a few deep breaths and close your eyes. Find yourself walking through a small village with only a few houses along the main street. The village looks almost deserted. You hear no sounds except for the wind. Soon a face peeks out from one of the doorways and an old woman waves for you to come over to the house.


You walk towards the house and the woman opens the door wider for you to enter. She leads you into a sitting area and offers you a cup of tea. You agree, as you are chilled and feel uncomfortable with the abandoned nature of the village.


The woman returns with a tray with tea for both of you and biscuits. She places the tray on a table and seats herself facing you. She tells you to help yourself and you take a cup of tea. As soon as you take your first sip of tea you begin to feel better. You settle into the comfortable chair and feel the warmth of the room. The woman also sips her tea and seems to relax into her chair.


You ask the woman what has happened in the village that it seems so desolate. She tells you that the village used to be filled with people but the jobs went away when the railroad no longer stopped nearby and the people began to move away. She tells you that the government is thinking of building a highway through the area and wants to buy up the land. This has led the people to hide in their houses whenever anyone new comes to town in case they are looking to buy the land.


You ask her why she let you in. She said that her grandson said that I would be coming and to keep an eye out for me. You ask who her grandson is and she says she will take you to meet him.


She leads you to a room at the other end of the house that has been set up like a laboratory and a man sits working with colorful liquids and chemicals. The old woman tells him that you have arrived. He rises from where he was sitting and wipes his hands on the apron he is wearing. The old woman says she will leave us to talk and departs.


The man walks over holding out his hand awkwardly. You shake his hand and he offers you a seat. You take it and ask him his name. You ask him how he knew you were coming. He says that he found the tale an old manuscript of prophesies that he was translating. You ask him what else the prophesy said about you.


He says that the prophesy said that you have a talent that you can teach to the people of the town to help the town survive. What might that gift be? You can ask this guide if you are not clear but he may not have an answer. He says you must take some time to either find this gift or learn how to teach it and then return to the town.


Thank this man for what he has told you. He walks you back through the house and says that he hopes to see you again soon. You walk out the door and begin to walk back through the quiet town.


Begin to hear the sounds around your physical body. Wiggle your fingers and toes and when you feel ready, open your eyes.

Journal Prompts

What skill of yours brings you joy?


How could you share it with others?


Is there something that you feel compelled to do?


What area of your life is feeling abandoned?


What creativity or knowledge are you forgetting to use?



Full Moon Preparation – Get Ready!

Here is a link to an audio file that will help you open your heart and prepare for this Full Moon in Sagittarius on Friday:  Don’t miss this energy, know what to prepare for!


Jessica Cross

June Energies

June is here.  If you have not yet started working on what you want to create this year, it is now time to use this summer energy to let your creative juices flow.

What ideas are percolating?  Is there something new you want to learn?  Are there some new social events you want to make to build relationships this year?  What about travel?

Get your plans in place and make sure you make time for what you find important!



What blessings are you missing?


Break the rules.


Save some energy for yourself.


Find the good in now.


You are not a victim.


Follow your passion.


What is the lesson to learn?


Recognize your hard work.


What karma are you building?


Embrace your confidence.


What is too good to be true?


Share your joys with others or ask for support with your sorrows.


Complete your plan.


Feel More.


Create your own path.


Consider your higher purpose.


Tame your Ego.


Look at the problem from a new angle.


What do you deserve?


What needs to be released?


You will get another chance.


Acknowledge and release an old pain.


Don’t fear this change.


Take time to rest.


Choose your action.


Don’t fear the future.


Maintain your focus.


Only gain from ethical pursuits.


Give with joy to others.


Prepare for something new.

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May New Moon Meditation

At this time of the new moon we open up to new possibilities. We allow new ideas and experiences to enter our lives.

In our previous few meditations we have been beginning our journey for the next six months. With this new moon we explore new ways of being and moving through this journey.

Take a few deep breaths and close your eyes. Find yourself laying on the grass in a meadow. Feel the cool earth underneath you and the grass tickling your arms and feet. Watch the clouds above you form into shapes.


You have nowhere to be and nothing to do. No one is expecting you and your whole day is free. Laying here in the sun is your scheduled activity for this time. How does it feel to be free of all responsibilities for a while? When is the last time you felt this way?


If an idea of something you should do or think about pops into your head, return your focus on the clouds above. What do the clouds remind you of?


Find yourself feeling a connection with the clouds above you as if they are creating a show just for you. Know that nothing is more important than this time of relaxation and mind clearing right now. Open up the space in your mind for new ideas and feelings to enter.


Allow the clouds to entertain you or even show you new possibilities. Feel calm and connected with the world around you. Take deep breaths as you sink into this feeling. Let your body and mind become refreshed and renewed. Enjoy this feeling for as long as you need.


When you feel ready, hear the sounds around your physical body. Wiggle your fingers and toes, and open your eyes.


Now take some time to write about this experience to learn more from this time of meditation.

Were you able to let your thoughts and feelings quiet a bit for just this short time period? If not, that is fine, it just shows you how noisy your mind is most of the time.

What did you see in the clouds?

Did any new thoughts occur to you even if they are just the beginning of idea?

Can you find even five minutes over the next few days to relax with this meditation and see if anything new about this thought comes forward.  Download recorded Shadow Work meditations on Gumroad: Click Here

Setting Intentions Meditation

On our last meditation we focused on the journey itself. In this meditation we are going to think about arriving at our destination. Remember this destination will not be our last stop. It is only one destination among many in our future. What would be the first little sign you would see that life is changing in the right direction?


Take a few deep breaths and close your eyes. Find yourself on a ship out in the sea. The crew bustles around you as you walk the deck. Smell the salt air and feel the air move around you as the ship moves. Feel the ship move up and down with the waves. You see land ahead of you and you know this part of the journey is coming to an end.


How do you feel arriving at this new place? Are you anxious or excited? What do you think you will find when you arrive? Gaze at the land ahead of you and imagine what your life will be like in this new place. What will remain the same and what will change? What do you hope will come to pass?


Walk back below deck to your cabin and sit at the small desk provided. Take out a piece of paper and write down three things you would like more of in this new place. One word each is fine as you are not here to plan how they will occur but to but down on paper your wish.


At the bottom of the paper write, “If this is best for me.” Know that if these do not come to pass it may have been, that the consequences of attaining these things were too great or they would not have been good for you.


Fold the paper into fourths and walk back up to the deck. Throw the paper from the stern of the ship so it floats down into the water and sinks beneath the waves behind the ship. As you let go of the paper, release your attachment to these wishes and know that if they are meant to be they will come to pass.


This does not mean that you can’t take steps to set yourself in the right direction, but you do not feel any need to force these dreams to come true if they are not right for you. Thank the universe for all that is good in your life and for accepting your wishes.


Take a few more minutes to walk along the ship and look out towards the approaching land. Know that change is coming. Be grateful for where you are right now and hopeful for where you are going.


When you are ready, hear the sounds around your physical body. Wiggle your fingers and toes, and open your eyes.


Write some notes from this experience to learn more from this meditation.


What do you hope will change soon?


What is important enough that you can have patience and wait for it to happen?


What are the three things you wrote on the paper?


Can you accept that some dreams are not the right thing for you?

Full Moon Meditation

Today is a Full Moon (in Scorpio). This is the time to move away from what you want less of in your life. It is the time to start feeling the forward movement towards what you do want.

Remember the journey is the most important part! Know where you want to go but find joy and contentment knowing you are on your way there. Do not wait to be happy until you reach your goal.

I remember when I was a teenager and thinking about what I wanted to do with my life. All I knew was that I didn’t want to work somewhere I was bored or unhappy while I waited for the benefits of retirement.

It is the same with our goals. Goals are important to have so that we don’t stagnate but it is even more important to find the happiness in each day as we have almost no control over what will happen in the future. We can work towards making our life better but know in a few years our life may look very different than what we expected.

Use the time you have now, wisely and make space for joy everyday.

Take a few deep breaths and close your eyes. See a long dark train tunnel ahead of you. You wait along the side of the train track far enough away to be safe. Soon you hear the sound of the train coming and you see the light of the train from the end of the tunnel.


The train becomes louder and soon it emerges from the tunnel. As it emerges it begins to slow. It comes to a stop farther down the track and you run to catch up with it. At the caboose, there is an engineer waiting for you. They confirm your name and although you are surprised they know who you are, you agree. The engineer says they have been looking for you. The engineer puts out their hand and helps you aboard the train.


Once you are safely aboard the caboose you hear and feel the train start moving again. The engineer leads you forward to another carriage.


The carriage is open and has a sitting area and a small kitchen. The engineer leads you to a couch and says that your guest will be there shortly. You thank the engineer and they leave. You wait comfortably in the carriage that seems to be all yours. You watch the scenery move past the train.


You see on the table in front of you that there is a large book and a letter. What is the book? You pick up the letter and look at it. It is from your guest saying they will be a little late. Read the rest of the letter and see if it provides you with any further information.


You walk over to the kitchen and pour yourself a drink while you wait for your guest. As you sit comfortably and relaxed on the couch with your drink, your guest rushes in the door of the carriage. Do you recognize your guest or is this someone new to you? If this is someone you are unfamiliar with, you may ask their name.


Greet your guest and invite them to join you on the couch. Ask your guest what you are to work on together during this trip. Take whatever you receive, be it words, thoughts, pictures or feelings. Ask your guest how you should get started and see what response you receive. Then ask what you hope the outcome will be from this endeavor.


Your guest says the road may be tough on this path and asks you to promise to take care of yourself. Your guest says that unless you make that a priority you will not make it through. You promise to take time for self-care. You guest says that they need to leave for the moment but they will return to help you farther along in your travels. Thank your guest, before they rush back out through the door.


Take a few more minutes to enjoy your drink and look out the window. When you feel ready to return to your physical body, hear the sounds around you. Wiggle your fingers and toes, and open your eyes.


Process this experience further by writing down some notes or journal entries.


What new path do you want to take in your life?


How can you get started?


What can you do to enjoy the journey rather than just focus on the outcome?


What five things can you do to take care of yourself along the way?

Ask For What You Want

Celebrate May with this guided Meditation.

It is time to start putting out into the universe what you want for this year. We have spent some time thinking about what changes we need to make and now it is time to ask some definitive questions.

Hopefully you have let go of some habits, thoughts or beliefs that are making you unhappy. With this release you also make room for new things to enter your life. This is the time!

It is time to take advantage of the life you have right now and start creating the change you want. It may not come quickly but your responsibility is to keep moving things incrementally in the right direction. Start asking for what you want, or you will never get it.


Take a few deep breaths and close your eyes. See where your physical body is sitting or lying down. See the room around you. Now feel yourself floating away from your physical body. You can see your physical body below you. Look at your body as you hover above it.


Now feel yourself floating further up through the ceiling and the roof of the building if you are inside. Float up into the air towards the clouds. The sky is blue and there are white fluffy clouds. As you reach a cloud, float over to it. Pull yourself up onto the cloud and find that the surface feels spongy but firm enough to walk on. As you walk along this cloud, another larger cloud floats close and you climb up onto this cloud.


There is a building made of cloud at one end that you walk towards. In front of this building someone is waiting for you. You greet them with a bow and they bow back to you.


They escort you int0 the building. It feels cool and is very quiet inside. You walk through the almost empty room towards a bench on one side of the room. Your guide sits down with you and you wait in the silence.


Soon a large magnificent Being enters the room and sits in the middle of the floor. You and your guide rise and bow to this Being. Your guide pushes you forward and you walk towards the seated individual.


You stand in front of them a bit awed, and then make a request. This request can be something that you would like more of in your life or something that you would like to change. Do not specify what exactly you would like to have happen, but only what the outcome will be. Let the Being in front of you help with the “how” this will happen in whatever way they see fit.


The Being looks at you and nods. You know that if this is the right thing for you and those around you, they will help to make it happen. Ask if there are any steps you need to take to help with the process. Thank this Being for their time and back away. Your guide meets you and leads you out of the building.


Ask your guide if there is anything else you need to know. Take whatever words, thoughts or feelings are given. Thank your guide and begin to walk back down the cloud. When you reach the edge you can step off of the cloud and begin to just float down towards your physical body.


When you reach your physical body, enter it and begin to hear the sounds around you. Wiggle your fingers and toes, and when you feel ready, open your eyes.


Take some time to make note or journal about your experience. The following questions may help in your process.

Do you feel like the universe supports you or hinders you?


What outcome are you seeking?


Are you willing to accept your desired outcome in a form that does not match your fantasy or vision?


How do you want to feel when you reach your outcome?


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