December Readings

December already!  The Holiday Season can be tough for a lot of people.  Make some new traditions of your own that add in relaxation time.  Sleep more, spend some time in silence, get a massage, find a great book, whatever really helps you relax and take time for yourself.  One of my friends has found [...]

Shadow Work #5 – New Moon Meditation

This is the time to use your energy wisely. Do what needs to be done and then take time to de-stress. You can’t fix everything at once when you do Shadow Work. It is important that you take one or two aspects that are causing you discomfort and look at those closely. Depending on what [...]

Shadow Work #4 – Full Moon Meditation

We have come to the halfway point in our Shadow Work for this season. How are you holding up? It can take a lot out of you to delve this deep into the things you haven’t wanted to see.   Make sure to take good care of yourself. Factor in at least a half-hour of [...]