Shadow Work Season

I can't believe it is already October.  This is the time when I slow down and start to do more work on myself.  I take the Fall to explore what may be holding me back and the secret emotions I'm ignoring.  This is all Shadow Work. I will be sharing Shadow Work meditations with you [...]

Tarot Spread: The Illuminated Shadow — by AstreauxBytch

This spread is called “Illuminated Shadow” as it is used to assist us with shadow work by showing what we know about ourselves and our inner (illuminating) what we don’t know or understand and how to integrate all of it in the interest of wholeness. It is in this shape to remind the querent of […] [...]

Guided Meditation for Peace – Full Moon

As we start to head into the autumn it is a good time to find your comforts. Who and what helps bring your peace. Is there a cozy way to gather with your people, either in a group or just one on one? Find those who remind you what is good in your life. There [...]