April – Get Ready for Spring

Consider each of the following statements.  What would it mean if they were true?  What would you do differently?  Be flexible and willing to change your mind.  Figuring out that the statement is not true for you can be as enlightening as finding it could be true. Get these daily by following me on Twitter: [...]

The Essence of the Labyrinth – by Amy J. Rio

On an overcast Sunday afternoon, filled with sporadically spitting rain, a friend and I explored a private labyrinth which was created from a metaphysical perspective. Labyrinths speak to me, as they have for countless people for numerous centuries. As to why, I normally can only answer with a favorite response from Divinity School – “It’s […] [...]

After the Equinox

Are you feeling any changes after the equinox?  I always begin to feel more energy and focus at this time.  Use this meditation to help with this transition.  Read through the meditation and then close your eyes and follow your own meditation path. Post Equinox Meditation Take a few deep breaths and close your eyes.  [...]

Only your heart and soul can guide you to the truth. – Rainbowtree Woman

Too often, we accept information presented to us as the truth, with no effort to ask any honest, critical, or introspective questions. We’ve become so blinded by outer “nicely packaged” forms of deception – especially, by people we see as having authority, power or “more knowledge” than us. via Only your heart and soul can guide [...]

Release your Burdens

The energy lately has felt very heavy for me as we transition into Spring. It is now time to start moving forward into this new Spring energy.  Use this guided meditation to prepare yourself for this move. Read through this meditation and then close your eyes and remember what you can.  Let your meditation follow [...]

Don’t Waste this Energy.

Is your intuition feeling strong?  Mine sure is.  Take advantage of it and then some time to recuperate.  Take good care of yourself over the next week. Read the following guided meditation and then close your eyes and remember what you can.  Take whatever wisdom and relaxation you are given.  Whatever direction your meditation takes is exactly correct for [...]

Critical Thinking Toolkit – from Doctor Tales

Thinking is something we do all the time. It means using your brain to work through challenging ideas. Critical thinking is not rocket science – it’s a process to help us think clearly and make connection between ideas. When you reach your dissertation stage, you’ll need a critical thinking toolkit: Journaling, Analysis, Synthesis and Understanding. […] [...]

Change your Perspective

What changes will March bring to you? How would you act if each of the following statements were true?  Consider how these different perspectives can change the way you look at each day. For those of you who journal you can write your beliefs about each statement as a daily writing prompt.  Thinking of the [...]