Shadow Work #5 – New Moon Meditation

This is the time to use your energy wisely. Do what needs to be done and then take time to de-stress. You can’t fix everything at once when you do Shadow Work. It is important that you take one or two aspects that are causing you discomfort and look at those closely.

Depending on what issues you are working through in your Shadow Work, this meditation may be comforting or very difficult. It should end with some relaxation to help you calm down if it was challenging.

Read through the following meditation and then close your eyes. Remember what you can of the meditation but there is no need to follow it exactly. Let yourself use the meditation in any way you need to.

Take a few deep breaths and close your eyes. Find yourself in a large, mostly empty room. There are a few chairs against the wall, and a few doors leading out. There is nothing on the wall or the floor and the room is quiet.


Go and sit on one of the chairs. After a few moments alone, someone enters the room and sits down next to you. Who is it who joins you? Do you have something you need to say to them? Do they have something they need to say to you?


How do you feel with this person? Try not to pass judgment on this feeling. Just acknowledge it and examine why you feel this way.


If this person is new to you, think of what it is about the way they look, carry themselves and talk that gives you a certain feeling. Can you think of others in your life who make you feel this way?


You may ask this person any questions you have for them. After you have discussed all you need to say goodbye. They rise and leave the room.


I want you to focus on the feeling you had with this person one last time. Now I want you to blow out that feeling on your breath. It looks like your breath on a freezing cold day leaving your body. It may also have a color or turn into a figure. Even if it is a good feeling, breathe it out into this bare room.


On each inhale feel yourself fill up with peace and calm. There is no feeling left just stillness. There is no need to do or think about anything. Just feel the stillness in your body. Breathe deeply and sink into this calm feeling. Sit for as long as you need to in this relaxed state.


When you are ready begin to hear the sounds around your physical body. Wiggle your fingers and toes, and open your eyes.

Take some time to think about, journal or pull tarot or oracle cards about the following questions.

How do certain people affect your emotions?

Are there some people who seem to drain all your energy?

How difficult was it to let the feeling go with your breath?

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Take Care,


Jessica Cross

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2 thoughts on “Shadow Work #5 – New Moon Meditation

  1. This is where meditation is most difficult for me. My brain is simply too undisciplined to be able to perceive a single person coming to me in an otherwise unremarkable place. Sometimes, a place will remind me of a specific person, but not here. The only thing that occurred to me was that it would be someone from the Land of the Dead, and there my thoughts went to two people, one who recently died, the other who I recently discovered had died.
    One was a boy with whom I played in a school orchestra for three years when I lived in central Kansas. He was very tall, and played the bass violin while I played the cello. We each attended the other’s ten-year-old birthday slumber party. Unfortunately, I discovered last month that he died in an auto accident in 1976, when he was seventeen. He was driving on a poor road, lost control of his car, and crashed. Two other young people died on the same road within the next year, causing the county to consider that something ought to be done about the situation. As an engineer, I’ve often thought about the people who died in the process of warning us that some car or airplane was unsafe, or some road was unsafe, or just that some new design was unsafe. We are all better off for the sacrifice they unwittingly made, but they don’t get any benefit from the discovery.
    The other boy was one that I met when I first came to Iowa. His father worked with my father for the same company and they lived practically across the street from us, so it was inevitable that we would spend time together. However, he was 7.5 years younger than me so we couldn’t really do that much that interested us both. He died last Saturday (November 18th), either from a drug overdose or from the combined effects of heavy drug use over a number of years. His parents are both still alive, and I feel very badly for them. They were very helpful when my father was in a nursing home for a year, something for which my mother showed a shocking amount of ingratitude. Their son’s death reminded me again of the guilt I felt for the way my mother had acted.
    I tried to imagine what either one of these two would say to me now, but couldn’t come up with anything. What I seemed to remember was part of a book that I read in which a man managed to bring back one of his dead friends. Unfortunately, the dead man no longer had the power to speak – all he could really do was hang around the living man and follow him wherever he went. Eventually, recognizing that he could get no help from the dead man, the living man released him to return to the Land of the Dead. I suppose I must do the same with these two, that whatever experiences I should have had with them, and especially the experiences that they should have had, are lost to time. Instead, I will hope that they are happy now in the next world.
    The questions at the end are easier for me to answer.
    There are certain people that I absolutely dread talking to. I don’t have the patience to deal with the behaviors that they display. As soon as they start to act in a certain way, I immediately go into an overload and want to stand up and do something harmful to them. Of course, that’s impossible, or at least undesirable, so then I want to get out of the conversation as quickly as possible. The worst type are those who want someone else to do their work for them, and are hard to persuade to get down to business. Another type are those who, quite unbidden, feel compelled to tell me part of their life’s story, going on for a long, long time. This is the type that I fear becoming myself.
    There are indeed people who drain my energy – the term for them is “wraith”, which are mythical creatures who would drain energy from a person until there was none left. It’s a little different from the myth because the wraiths in my life don’t gain the energy that I’m expending so that I can deal with them without harming them, I am simply drained. I’m fortunate that I don’t have to deal with these wraiths too often – not having to work nearly as many days, I spend much more time alone, free of their draining touch. There are some advantages to living a life of solitude. Unfortunately, I can’t let go of my experiences with them simply by releasing breath, unless the experience doesn’t last very long. Oftentimes, I need to be away from them for a long time while the energy that they’ve drained from me returns.


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