Focus your Energy this New Moon

This New Moon is about starting on a new journey. Finding a new area to learn, expand and/or create. This new moon should give you the energy to start over in some area of your life. Use this guided meditation to contemplate where you would like to use that energy.

Take a few deep breaths and close your eyes. Find yourself standing in front of a tube of energy. What does the energy look like to you? What color is it? Is it solid or does it have openings throughout the tunnel? The tunnel is large enough for a person to walk through.


How do you feel being near the tunnel? Place your hands on the energy the tunnel is made of. What does it feel like? How does it make you feel?


This is a tunnel of power. By walking through it you can start building a new attribute inside yourself. When you walk out the other end it won’t be fully formed but will start growing. What skill, feeling, trait or understanding would you like to have more of?


Once you are certain of the attribute you have chosen, bend over slightly and enter the tunnel. How does it feel being inside the tunnel? What does it feel like to be surrounded by all that energy? Walk slowly and give the energy time to penetrate all of the cells in your body.


Walk out of the tunnel and see how you feel. Think of the attribute you have chosen. Why is this something you want more of in your life?


What might be the first sign that this new attribute had started to grow? How would you act differently? How would you think differently? What would look different in your life? Remember, this is just the beginning of this change so what you see may be small.


Take a few more deep breaths and feel how you are different. It may be a very slight change but it can grow if it is nurtured. Feel this change settle into your body and allow it to nestle in deep so it can continue to grow.


When you feel ready you can return to your physical body. Hear the sounds around you. Wiggle your fingers and toes, and open your eyes.


Take some notes so you do not forget this meditation and can check back on the progress of your attribute.

Does change have a physical feeling for you?

Is there something that you have wanted to cultivate in your life?

How would you know if this was just starting to grow in your life?

What do you think this change would bring you?

Can you have the patience to nurture something that may take a long time to become fully formed?

6 thoughts on “Focus your Energy this New Moon

  1. A tube of energy, which then became a tunnel of energy. Inevitably, with your descriptions, my mind immediately jumps to something from my past. This time, I thought of a television show called “The Time Tunnel”, broadcast on ABC in 1966-67 (Channel 10, KAKE-TV in Wichita). It was a great show for me at 7-8 years old because there were many fights (inevitably, people were seldom happy to see the Time Travellers) and there was a lot of discussion of science and history, things that I learned about in the process.

    The Time Tunnel was formed with successive aqua and black stripes as I recall (I first saw it on a black and white TV). It wasn’t a constant size; it had a continually narrowing diameter the farther you went into it. There was no exit, like you describe. When someone was to be sent through time, they walked into the tunnel, there were some little explosions inside to obscure what was going on, and when the smoke cleared, the person was gone.

    I thought in the meditation that I would like use the tunnel of energy to go back in time to undo some of the major mistakes I made earlier in my life, that I might be a better person in this time as a result. But I quickly realized that that was impossible, even in a meditation. In the TV show, the Time Travellers could never change history either – like Cassandra, they often times warned the people they met that they were headed for disaster, but were never believed. At best, they could only become part of the history that already existed.

    I tried to think of what attribute I would like to change about myself, that it would still be possible to change at this late date. I would like to move through life less encumbered with grief about past events and especially about they who are gone, they who are not here. But that really seems quite impossible – the grief is too much a part of me.

    Having been among a group of people the last seven weeks involved in putting on a play, I thought that maybe I should try to be a little more sociable. I could never quite bring myself to do that during our rehearsals and other preparations, even though I would sometime be around 30 other people. I long ago developed an instinctive distrust of other people, because I found that I was so horrible at reading other people’s motives and desires, and didn’t realize when some of them wanted to do me harm. Perhaps the answer to that is in what I’ve just been doing – acting. I can act a role of sociability towards new people, and not reveal too much about myself, until I can fit them into my circle of trust. There will be other volunteer opportunities in the autumn, and a little more time to participate in them. It will be a time to see how much more willing I am to be around people.


    1. I loved watching the videos, I find performing with others is a really great social interaction for me as we are focused on something other than small talk most of the time, since I am terrible at that.


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