The energy is changing.  Can you feel it?  I don’t know if it is just the time of the year but when the sun begins to wake me up at a reasonable time in the morning (for me it is 7:00 AM) then everything shifts.  My energy renews and I see the light at the end of winter’s tunnel.

This is when my ideas start percolating.  I am actually trying to force myself not to start anything major yet.  This is partially due to getting over an illness (I think my body was telling me I was doing too much for this quiet time of the year and forced me to STOP) but also because it just isn’t time yet.  I need to let these ideas marinate for a while so what finally comes forth will be READY.

Let me know if you are feeling any of the same energies.  Here are some questions to ponder at this time.  If you struggle with the answers, relax, close your eyes and sit with one of your guides in meditation.  You can ask them these questions or just talk them out.

What change do you feel ready to make?

What new feeling is growing in you?

How can you refuel before these changes occur?

What lesson are you revisiting?

Congratulations on taking this time to plan your path instead of just letting life happen to you!  If you would like more guidance check out my journals and relaxation recordings on Amazon: Click Here

Enjoy these moments of transition!

Jessica Cross

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