Letting Go Training

Make space for what matters to you.

Minimize distractions in your environment and in your mind.

What you will receive:

  • Over five hours of video guidance
  • Weekly emails for 7 weeks to keep you motivated
  • Weekly activities to help identify and clear clutter
  • Seven weekly guided meditations to release negative beliefs and emotions
  • Energy Clearing Journal to help process what you have learned
  • Access to a Private Facebook Group for Support


What to change in your life to feel more relaxed.

What to bring into your life to give you more peace.

How to move past beliefs that no longer serve you.


“This is a useful and interesting program for anyone desiring to sort out their sometimes conflicting priorities, and deciding what to pursue and what to let go of. With letting go of the unnecessary and the unattainable, a person will move towards a happier state of mind.” – GC

To get the Letting Go Training and Energy Clearing Journal – $49 Click Here


Relaxation Brain Training

In this video workshop I will teach you seven tools to relax whenever you need to.  These tools will help you reach a meditative state faster and enhance the clarity of your meditations.

What will you learn:

  • Learn about stress and how it effects your brain and body.
  • Skills to relax anywhere at any time.
  • Several tools to find what works best for you to regain energy.

To Get the Relaxation Brain Training and Intuition Journal – $99 Click Here