New Years Releasing Meditation

Welcome to the New Year.  If you have been following this blog, you have been through an in-depth time of Shadow Work.  Now that you have done that important work, it is time for a Transformation.


This begins with letting go of what you will not be taking with you into the New Year.  Read through the following meditation.  Then close your eyes and remember what you can.  Let your meditation unfold in your own personal way.


Take a few deep breaths and close your eyes.  Find yourself in a dense forest.  The trees and vines make it hard to walk.  You have to climb your way through the thick foliage.  You see some light shining ahead.  You head towards the light and find a small clearing.


In the clearing is an old woman.  She beckons you forward and you cautiously move towards her.  Something about this woman is unnerving.  She looks at you in a way that shows she can see deeply into your thoughts and feelings. 


She holds out her hands and as if you have no choice you place your hands in hers.  You feel a jolt of electricity when you touch her.  She says that she can see into your heart and knows the things you keep secret from others. 


She says that she can take one of those burdens away from you.  She asks what you would like to release to her.  Think of something that you would like to let go of and tell the old woman. 


She asks what you will give her in return.  Ask her what she wants.  She tells you that in return you must get enough sleep each night.  She says that for any night you do not sleep enough to feel rested this feeling you have released will start to seep back into your heart.  She says that it will take five days of good sleep before you are back to your released state. 


Tell her if you agree to this bargain.  If you agree, she tells you to open your mouth.  As you breathe out, she breaths in.  You feel the burden flowing from you to her through your breath.  She releases your hands and places them on her heart. 


Bow to her slightly and back away.  She never takes her eyes off of you as you back into the forest. 


When you feel ready you can hear the sounds around your physical body.  Wiggle your fingers and toes and open your eyes.


Take some time to journal about the following questions or pull oracle cards for more insight.


What vision do you have for this year?


What will hold you back from that goal?


What expectation of yourself is unreasonable?


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Take Care,


Jessica Cross

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