Solar Eclipse New Moon Meditation!

I am traveling out of the country for this Eclipse and will unfortunately miss it but I thought I would leave you with a transformation meditation for the road.  Have a wonderful eclipse and take good care of yourself as it can be a challenging time.

Bridge Meditation on Spotify



4 thoughts on “Solar Eclipse New Moon Meditation!

  1. Dark feelings returned with this meditation. I thought of an owl in the daytime and quickly connected to the word “blindness” even though owls aren’t really blind in the daytime. The owl would say something like, “we march through this life blindly, with threats and dangers around that we don’t have the power to see. You must continue moving forward blindly, using whatever skills you have to get through. At the bridge, the way you describe it, the stream was not very significant. Thus, rather than chance the boards, it seemed to me to be most prudent to walk through the stream and get my shoes and socks wet. This would be better than breaking through a board, for I might lose my balance in the process and injure myself falling on rocks. Finally, the rabbit. Rabbits have a difficult existence in this world where there are so many dangers for them and they have so few defenses. My experience with them is that they are afraid a lot of the time, afraid of things that they don’t have the power to see and don’t understand. Yet they have their places to hide in, and feel safe from the rest of the world, and not be araid. Right now, mine are hiding under my bed. Is this a message that as the fall approaches, it’s time for me to hole up again? Perhaps. I’ll prefer to look at another facet of rabbit fear – they don’t worry about threats outside the house. Thunder doesn’t bother them. Neither do fireworks. They seem to know that they don’t need to be afraid of everything, of thinigs that are distant from where they are. So I’ll draw that as the final part of this meditation – that not every unknown thing needs to be feared, and I do have some protection from some dangers though I can’t see them.


    1. I forgot that this would probably have some special meaning for you with the Rabbit. Thank you for the perspective on Rabbit from your experience. This has been a weird eclipse season and I’m kind of glad to be through it.


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