Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Meditation

This Monday is not only a Full Moon but a Lunar Eclipse. You may be feeling a bit strange and maybe confused around this time. This is a wonderful time to seek some guidance in order to sail smoothly through this eclipse season.

This is a good time to sift through what has happened in your life over the past six months since the last eclipse. What path have you been on? Is it a path you want to continue on or is it time to shift gears.

We also just started the harvest season with Lammas on August 1st. Take this time to look carefully at what you are bringing into your life. Is what you are receiving worth the effort you have put in? What do you have that you would like more of? Is the journey and/or the outcome bringing you joy…really?

Use the following meditation to ask for guidance while this energy is strong.

Take a few deep breaths and close your eyes. Find yourself looking over a vast field of wheat with mountains in the background. You are standing on a path through this field and can smell the wheat that is high all around you. A guide comes walking through the field towards you.


Greet your guide as they approach you. You may ask their name if they are new to you. Ask if they have come to join you on your journey today. They say they have and they would like to lead you to a sacred place.


They take your hand and lead you off into the wheat. You walk for what seems to be a long ways until you reach a tiny clearing in the wheat. It is only large enough for you and a few other people to sit. There is a group of three others already seated in a semi-circle. You and your guide join them closing the circle.


Look at your companions. Are any familiar to you? You may ask their names if you are curious. The group joins hands as if by impulse. You look at the circle and know the others are all seeking some guidance as well. You feel close to the others although you may not know them.


Your guide says you are all to take a deep breath and blow the air into the circle with a “Ha” noise. The guide says the group is to repeat this until told to stop. You begin to follow the instructions (you may do this with you physical body as well if you are so inclined).


As you continue to blow your breath, it seems to take on substance. It is like a fog you are all blowing to the center of the circle. The fog starts to coalesce into a column in the center. Slowly it starts to take on the form and features of a person. This person may stay in fog form or may begin to look fully formed.


Your guide in the circle say the group can now stop blowing out air. The person in the center of circle does not vanish and begins to look at each member in the circle. This person then bends down to each member and gives them a message. The person tells the journeyer next to you that they are special and their gifts are needed. What does this person tell the other circle members?


When this person gets to you what do they say? Don’t worry if the message comes in thoughts, pictures or feelings. Does this person give you guidance about the path you are on? Thank them once the message is received.


After this person has spoken with each circle member they nod to the guide who brought you and disappear. After another deep breath each member of the circle stands. Each member turns their back on the circle and takes one step towards the wheat field. Before entering the wheat field you can return to your physical body.


Hear the sounds around you. Wiggle your fingers and toes and when you feel ready, open your eyes.

Write down some notes and/or pull some tarot or oracle cards for more guidance on each of the following questions.


Who offers you guidance in your life?


Where are you struggling to move forward?


What can you learn from the message given?


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