Detox Meditation

The idea of finding balance in our lives is very tricky. If we think of equally dividing our time between all areas of our lives, that is impossible. We would not be effective in any area.

We all have a limited amount of energy and we have to decide where to place it each day. Sometimes we focus more on our families and other times our careers. Sometimes our bodies force us to focus on health rather than social activities.

The important thing is that we are conscious of our priorities and we accept that we can’t do everything at once. Think of your top three priorities and make sure you are scheduling time for those each week. Try this meditation to help you focus.


Take a few deep breaths and find yourself at the edge of the caldera of a volcano. It is not erupting and you do not feel in danger, but you can feel some warmth from the caldera and see some lava below. This is definitely an active volcano and you can feel its power.


You lay down on the side of the volcano to get a better look over the edge while still feeling safe. You see the bubbles of lava and hard crust that forms over the top again. You see the steam rise.


You know this fire is inside you as well. Just as the fire fuels the volcano it also fuels you with energy and strength. Your warm blood keeps you energized and removes the toxins from your body.


Where do you need to send the energy of your eternal fire? Do you need it to help heal and support your body? Do you need it to help give you energy for a project? Do you need it to focus your mind in one area?


Take a deep breath and on the exhale I want you to send the heat and flame to the area that you most need it. Do this a few more times and focus your breath.


Now think of what toxins need to be removed. What are you ready to take a break from? Is there an area where you need a detox (media, sugar, alcohol, overtime at work)? What do you need to let go of to make room for your new endeavors?


Take a deep breath in and on the exhale let go of the feeling that this thing or activity is something you need in your life to survive. Know that we can take a short break from almost anything (except for air and water) and function just fine. Decide if you are ready to experiment with taking a break (even just for one day) and see how you feel.


Now focus again on the fire within you. It may appear as a flame, lava or even just warmth. Send this fire energy through your whole body and feel it nourish you and feed you cells. Feel the heat from the volcano on your face and feel the connection with that warmth from the earth. Sit with this comforting feeling a bit longer.


When you feel ready begin to return to the sounds around your physical body. Wiggle your fingers and toes; open your eyes.


Take a few minutes to write down your experience and answer the following questions to gain more from your meditation.

In what area are you feeling energized?


What will give you strength to move forward in this area?


What area of your life do you need to pull back from?


Can you plan a detox to try a different way of living for even one day?


If you had to focus on just one area right now what would it be?

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