New Moon after Summer Solstice

It is time to plan your path for this cycle and decide where you want to go. Make sure to follow the path you are called to, not the one you think you should be on. You are the one that has to follow your path and hopefully you will be on it for a long time. Make it a path you want to be on, even if others think it is crazy.


Take a few deep breaths and close your eyes. Find yourself in front of a long road that leads off into the distance. The ground is flat and there are meadows on either side. You can see that the road heads on a straight path way off to the horizon. What does it feel like to stand on this road? Is it hard under your feet? Does the idea of heading down this path feel invigorating or exhausting?


The weather is warm and you feel a light breeze. You smell the flowers growing on the side of the road. You walk off the road for a moment and into the meadow. You take a deep inhale of the flowers. You pick one to place behind your ear. How does it feel to be in the meadow rather than on the road?


You walk through the meadow parallel to the road for a while. It is slower to walk through than the road, but you enjoy the feel of the grass and the smell of the flowers. You then decide to return to the road and walk there for a while. You look off into the meadow and find that your walk on the road is not as hard after your respite in the meadow.


After a while you decide to enter the meadow again. Do you walk parallel to the road again or decide to walk off farther into the meadow? Do whatever you feel called to do. You may walk far from the road to some shade on the side of the meadow or stick close to the road to keep heading in the right direction. Either decision is fine. You may decide to sit by a nearby river for a while or head back to the road to move faster. Follow your own path.


Soon you see someone walking through the meadow toward you. This is a guide who has come to assist you on your travels. Greet this guide, and if they are new to you, ask their name. Ask what they suggest you do next on your travels. Ask if they have any suggestions on how to continue your journey. Your guide continues to walk with you and you seem to go a long distance with the support of another person.


Eventually your guide says it is time for them to leave but they will return to walk with you again, as will many other guides along the way. Thank your guide and wave as they walk away through the meadow. Sit down for a moment and think about the journey you have already taken. Now decide where you would like to go next. A more direct route near the road or do you enjoy a meandering route through the meadow. Remember you can change your mind at any time and head in a different direction.


When you are ready to return to your physical body, listen for the sounds around you. Wiggle your fingers and toes and open your eyes.


Write down some notes for extra insight.

What type of journey do you feel like you are on right now?


Do you like a direct path to your goals or do you enjoy a more relaxing and meandering route?


Who do you have to help on your path right now?


Where might you find someone else who can assist you towards your goal?


Is it time to take a break on your path or push forward?

2 thoughts on “New Moon after Summer Solstice

  1. I can’t really tell where the road is going. All I can really say is that at the very end of it is death. That doesn’t bother me, but I do worry about what I may have to experience between now and then, down that road. Therefore, I’m going to take as many diversions along the way as I can find, whatever pleasantness I can find. Eventually, time will inexorably carry me to wherever I’m supposed to end up.

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