Renew your Energy

It is time for complete rejuvenation! Take this time to relax and prepare yourself for all that is coming over the next few weeks. You will need this energy to make the most of this time.

Follow this guided meditation to receive the strength you need. Read through the meditation and then close your eyes and follow your path.

Take a few deep breaths and close your eyes. Find yourself standing at the edge of the water on a beach. The water reaches your toes and you feel a tug at your feet as it pulls away. Your feet sink deeper into the sand until your feet are mostly buried.


Listen to the sound of the waves. Feel the cool water on your feet and ankles. Feel the sun on your face as you connect with the earth. It is as if your feet are an electrical plug and the sand is the socket into the energy of the earth.


What do you need from the earth today? Do you need some peace or some energy? Do you need some insight or inspiration? Let yourself receive whatever is needed.


Now focus on the pull of the water. The water is offering to take away something you do not need right now. Is there a thought, habit or feeling that is not helping you to move forward. Can you consider letting it go for a day, week or month?


It will take effort, as you will want to fall back into the old way of thinking, feeling or old behavior. Will you let the water help you release this just for now? If you fall back into it, that is ok, but you can return here to let the water help you release again. Let go of whatever it is to make room for something new.


Now think of something you would like a little more of in your life. This is not a radical change just a small move in the right direction. Feel the sun shining down on you, allowing you to fill up with the energy and intuition to head in this right direction.


It is not necessary to have all of the answers on how this will happen. Trust that you are being given the wisdom to make the right choice in moving forward.


Now feel all three powers connecting with you at the same time. The gifts from the earth and the sun along with the receiving of the water. Know you are supported and that even when times are tough you can be given the strength to carry on until they are better. Feel this connection and energy for as long as you need it.


When you are ready begin to hear the sounds around your physical body. Wiggle your fingers and toes, and when you feel ready, open your eyes.


Journal Prompts

What do you need to help you regain your energy?

What will help you to take the next step forward?

What are you wasting your time with?

What is draining your energy that you can stop?

What would you like more of going forward?

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3 thoughts on “Renew your Energy

  1. An end to the wave of excess heat and humidity we’ve had the last eight days would be a good start. it is such a drain on my energy now. i spent a long time in the heat one day last week and was so weak when I came in that for the first time I could sense how I will eventually die – someday my starting energy will be lower and the heat/humidity will take so much of what’s left that there won’t be enough to sustain me. Right now, I’m at a loss to say what things I can stop or avoid that now drain my energy. My mood changes based on what i encounter in the world from day to day, most of which seems to be beyond my control. I go to a place for a service, and they have the TV blaring, and the people on it are saying things that i don’t want to hear, about something going on in the world. All I wanted was the service and then my mood is unexpectedly lowered. I will go forward regardless of what happens but the difference will be whether I control the flow or whether I’m just carried along in the stream. There are several things I’d like more of in my life, but I’m hesitant to write about them. Overall, I’d like to have more control over what i’m required to do in my life, but I can never have enough of that to satisfy me. Perhaps I should just settle for coherence in my writing. 🙂

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    1. It is so hard to get away from all of the political talk lately. I don’t want to put my head in the sand but I also don’t want to feel like I have no control over what I receive. Headphones have been my savior lately. Take good care of yourself!

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