Strange Full Moon Meditation

This is the full moon and we have some strange energy around us. I don’t know if you are feeling it. The June full moon always feels a bit chaotic to me. There is a lot happening at this time of the year and it may be time to start something new.

This is a really long and kind of strange meditation as a result. When meditations like this come to me I know that there is some group of people out there who really need to hear this. It is always the meditations that I don’t really understand, that cause people to contact me and say how meaningful they were to that person.

I hope this meditation hits the right people! Please read through the meditation and then close your eyes. Remember what you can and don’t worry if your meditation takes a different direction than the one written here.

Take a few deep breaths and close your eyes. Find yourself walking through a small village with only a few houses along the main street. The village looks almost deserted. You hear no sounds except for the wind. Soon a face peeks out from one of the doorways and an old woman waves for you to come over to the house.


You walk towards the house and the woman opens the door wider for you to enter. She leads you into a sitting area and offers you a cup of tea. You agree, as you are chilled and feel uncomfortable with the abandoned nature of the village.


The woman returns with a tray with tea for both of you and biscuits. She places the tray on a table and seats herself facing you. She tells you to help yourself and you take a cup of tea. As soon as you take your first sip of tea you begin to feel better. You settle into the comfortable chair and feel the warmth of the room. The woman also sips her tea and seems to relax into her chair.


You ask the woman what has happened in the village that it seems so desolate. She tells you that the village used to be filled with people but the jobs went away when the railroad no longer stopped nearby and the people began to move away. She tells you that the government is thinking of building a highway through the area and wants to buy up the land. This has led the people to hide in their houses whenever anyone new comes to town in case they are looking to buy the land.


You ask her why she let you in. She said that her grandson said that I would be coming and to keep an eye out for me. You ask who her grandson is and she says she will take you to meet him.


She leads you to a room at the other end of the house that has been set up like a laboratory and a man sits working with colorful liquids and chemicals. The old woman tells him that you have arrived. He rises from where he was sitting and wipes his hands on the apron he is wearing. The old woman says she will leave us to talk and departs.


The man walks over holding out his hand awkwardly. You shake his hand and he offers you a seat. You take it and ask him his name. You ask him how he knew you were coming. He says that he found the tale an old manuscript of prophesies that he was translating. You ask him what else the prophesy said about you.


He says that the prophesy said that you have a talent that you can teach to the people of the town to help the town survive. What might that gift be? You can ask this guide if you are not clear but he may not have an answer. He says you must take some time to either find this gift or learn how to teach it and then return to the town.


Thank this man for what he has told you. He walks you back through the house and says that he hopes to see you again soon. You walk out the door and begin to walk back through the quiet town.


Begin to hear the sounds around your physical body. Wiggle your fingers and toes and when you feel ready, open your eyes.

Journal Prompts

What skill of yours brings you joy?


How could you share it with others?


Is there something that you feel compelled to do?


What area of your life is feeling abandoned?


What creativity or knowledge are you forgetting to use?



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