May New Moon Meditation

At this time of the new moon we open up to new possibilities. We allow new ideas and experiences to enter our lives.

In our previous few meditations we have been beginning our journey for the next six months. With this new moon we explore new ways of being and moving through this journey.

Take a few deep breaths and close your eyes. Find yourself laying on the grass in a meadow. Feel the cool earth underneath you and the grass tickling your arms and feet. Watch the clouds above you form into shapes.


You have nowhere to be and nothing to do. No one is expecting you and your whole day is free. Laying here in the sun is your scheduled activity for this time. How does it feel to be free of all responsibilities for a while? When is the last time you felt this way?


If an idea of something you should do or think about pops into your head, return your focus on the clouds above. What do the clouds remind you of?


Find yourself feeling a connection with the clouds above you as if they are creating a show just for you. Know that nothing is more important than this time of relaxation and mind clearing right now. Open up the space in your mind for new ideas and feelings to enter.


Allow the clouds to entertain you or even show you new possibilities. Feel calm and connected with the world around you. Take deep breaths as you sink into this feeling. Let your body and mind become refreshed and renewed. Enjoy this feeling for as long as you need.


When you feel ready, hear the sounds around your physical body. Wiggle your fingers and toes, and open your eyes.


Now take some time to write about this experience to learn more from this time of meditation.

Were you able to let your thoughts and feelings quiet a bit for just this short time period? If not, that is fine, it just shows you how noisy your mind is most of the time.

What did you see in the clouds?

Did any new thoughts occur to you even if they are just the beginning of idea?

Can you find even five minutes over the next few days to relax with this meditation and see if anything new about this thought comes forward.  Download recorded Shadow Work meditations on Gumroad: Click Here

6 thoughts on “May New Moon Meditation

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  2. Love this, thank you Jessica. It always good to have guidance as to different times and reasons to meditate as well as the explanation – sometimes quite dry – that it is ‘good for you’. As with so many things we are only beginning to re-acquaint ourselves with in this ever more stressful world. I would happily share it on my pages.


  3. Unfortunately, I can never quite put aside all my thoughts when I am alone and there is no other sound. At those times, my mind will be all over the place unless I try really hard to concentrate, and even then it will last only a few minutes. My head is indeed a noisy place. The clouds you describe sound like the light fluffy ones on partly cloudy days. I would be looking for different shapes in them, looking to see if they reminded me of anything in particular. Thinking about the clouds, I would remember other types of clouds – the heavy overcast clouds, mainly in the fall, that signify moroseness, or the really dark clouds containing heavy thunderstorms or tornadoes, signifying violence. Yet each of these types has their own silver lining. 34 years ago last night, I remember passing through a terribly violent thunderstorm with two other men as we drove in southern Iowa, with us watching closely for the appearance of a tornado. But after a few miles, the rain diminished, and about ten minutes later, we were back in sunshine again, looking back at the storm clouds we went through. And sometimes, I’ve flown on heavily overcast days, and there’s always a burst of sunshine when we rise above the overcast. And then when we’d approach a large airport, I would watch as we circled above the overcast with a number of other planes, watching each one dive into the overcast, until our turn to follow finally arrived. This was always interesting to watch, not in any way terrifying. At Salt Lake City. the clouds were well below the mountain tops, and it all seemed like this vast desert of white with occasional rock formations sticking up out of it. Of course, all the planes I saw, and my own, landed safely. Perhaps that’s the lesson I should take out of all that, that I have survived all the morose and violent clouds I’ve experienced in my life, and they won’t deter me. But nothing about different possibilities for the future occurs to me. Other than that, I thought about two pieces of music involving clouds. The first is a 1966 song by Simon and Garfunkel entitled “Cloudy” ( – the last line of the song “they don’t knew where they’re going, and my friend, neither do I” was one that appealed to me as a young man. The second piece is the first part of “Nocturnes” by Claude Debussy, “Nuages” (Clouds).


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