Setting Intentions Meditation

On our last meditation we focused on the journey itself. In this meditation we are going to think about arriving at our destination. Remember this destination will not be our last stop. It is only one destination among many in our future. What would be the first little sign you would see that life is changing in the right direction?


Take a few deep breaths and close your eyes. Find yourself on a ship out in the sea. The crew bustles around you as you walk the deck. Smell the salt air and feel the air move around you as the ship moves. Feel the ship move up and down with the waves. You see land ahead of you and you know this part of the journey is coming to an end.


How do you feel arriving at this new place? Are you anxious or excited? What do you think you will find when you arrive? Gaze at the land ahead of you and imagine what your life will be like in this new place. What will remain the same and what will change? What do you hope will come to pass?


Walk back below deck to your cabin and sit at the small desk provided. Take out a piece of paper and write down three things you would like more of in this new place. One word each is fine as you are not here to plan how they will occur but to but down on paper your wish.


At the bottom of the paper write, “If this is best for me.” Know that if these do not come to pass it may have been, that the consequences of attaining these things were too great or they would not have been good for you.


Fold the paper into fourths and walk back up to the deck. Throw the paper from the stern of the ship so it floats down into the water and sinks beneath the waves behind the ship. As you let go of the paper, release your attachment to these wishes and know that if they are meant to be they will come to pass.


This does not mean that you can’t take steps to set yourself in the right direction, but you do not feel any need to force these dreams to come true if they are not right for you. Thank the universe for all that is good in your life and for accepting your wishes.


Take a few more minutes to walk along the ship and look out towards the approaching land. Know that change is coming. Be grateful for where you are right now and hopeful for where you are going.


When you are ready, hear the sounds around your physical body. Wiggle your fingers and toes, and open your eyes.


Write some notes from this experience to learn more from this meditation.


What do you hope will change soon?


What is important enough that you can have patience and wait for it to happen?


What are the three things you wrote on the paper?


Can you accept that some dreams are not the right thing for you?

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