Full Moon Meditation

Today is a Full Moon (in Scorpio). This is the time to move away from what you want less of in your life. It is the time to start feeling the forward movement towards what you do want.

Remember the journey is the most important part! Know where you want to go but find joy and contentment knowing you are on your way there. Do not wait to be happy until you reach your goal.

I remember when I was a teenager and thinking about what I wanted to do with my life. All I knew was that I didn’t want to work somewhere I was bored or unhappy while I waited for the benefits of retirement.

It is the same with our goals. Goals are important to have so that we don’t stagnate but it is even more important to find the happiness in each day as we have almost no control over what will happen in the future. We can work towards making our life better but know in a few years our life may look very different than what we expected.

Use the time you have now, wisely and make space for joy everyday.

Take a few deep breaths and close your eyes. See a long dark train tunnel ahead of you. You wait along the side of the train track far enough away to be safe. Soon you hear the sound of the train coming and you see the light of the train from the end of the tunnel.


The train becomes louder and soon it emerges from the tunnel. As it emerges it begins to slow. It comes to a stop farther down the track and you run to catch up with it. At the caboose, there is an engineer waiting for you. They confirm your name and although you are surprised they know who you are, you agree. The engineer says they have been looking for you. The engineer puts out their hand and helps you aboard the train.


Once you are safely aboard the caboose you hear and feel the train start moving again. The engineer leads you forward to another carriage.


The carriage is open and has a sitting area and a small kitchen. The engineer leads you to a couch and says that your guest will be there shortly. You thank the engineer and they leave. You wait comfortably in the carriage that seems to be all yours. You watch the scenery move past the train.


You see on the table in front of you that there is a large book and a letter. What is the book? You pick up the letter and look at it. It is from your guest saying they will be a little late. Read the rest of the letter and see if it provides you with any further information.


You walk over to the kitchen and pour yourself a drink while you wait for your guest. As you sit comfortably and relaxed on the couch with your drink, your guest rushes in the door of the carriage. Do you recognize your guest or is this someone new to you? If this is someone you are unfamiliar with, you may ask their name.


Greet your guest and invite them to join you on the couch. Ask your guest what you are to work on together during this trip. Take whatever you receive, be it words, thoughts, pictures or feelings. Ask your guest how you should get started and see what response you receive. Then ask what you hope the outcome will be from this endeavor.


Your guest says the road may be tough on this path and asks you to promise to take care of yourself. Your guest says that unless you make that a priority you will not make it through. You promise to take time for self-care. You guest says that they need to leave for the moment but they will return to help you farther along in your travels. Thank your guest, before they rush back out through the door.


Take a few more minutes to enjoy your drink and look out the window. When you feel ready to return to your physical body, hear the sounds around you. Wiggle your fingers and toes, and open your eyes.


Process this experience further by writing down some notes or journal entries.


What new path do you want to take in your life?


How can you get started?


What can you do to enjoy the journey rather than just focus on the outcome?


What five things can you do to take care of yourself along the way?

4 thoughts on “Full Moon Meditation

  1. I’m off from my former job for five weeks. In this time, I intend to find peace. It is something of a fool’s errand, but I think there are some pieces (pieces of peace) that I can find. It is a matter that having removed some painful things from my life (or removed myself from them), I must keep them from intruding again, until it’s time to go back. Therefore, in spite of all the dishonesty and mismanagement that I observed in the last year, I mustn’t dwell on it. For a while, it doesn’t and won’t matter. Perhaps if the feeling of it being away lasts long enough, it will never quite return, even when I go back to work. Some things I won’t be able to turn away from. The current national calamity is already putting a huge amount of dishonesty and a record amount of hypocrisy on display. Its course will affect the fate of the country, and therefore impact how I will live in the future, Therefore, I can’t turn away, and that will decrease my sense of peace. But perhaps justice will be done and this country will enter a new period of enlightenment, and better leaders will appear in this world. I will hope for a more peaceful life when that happens. In the end, I know that complete peace is impossible in this world, It will only come to me in death.


    1. As always I am sending you lots of love. Have you tried a media detox for a few days? I know it is tough and I’m not asking for “head in the sand” but sometimes our body and brain need a break from it. New meditation tomorrow for the new moon and it is a nice relaxing one so I hope it helps!


      1. Thank you for your kindness, as always, Jess. I don’t gorge on the media. However, it is like watching a horror movie slowly unfolding.. I need to check back again sometimes, in the hope that since the last time I looked, the movie is finally over.


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