Ask For What You Want

Celebrate May with this guided Meditation.

It is time to start putting out into the universe what you want for this year. We have spent some time thinking about what changes we need to make and now it is time to ask some definitive questions.

Hopefully you have let go of some habits, thoughts or beliefs that are making you unhappy. With this release you also make room for new things to enter your life. This is the time!

It is time to take advantage of the life you have right now and start creating the change you want. It may not come quickly but your responsibility is to keep moving things incrementally in the right direction. Start asking for what you want, or you will never get it.


Take a few deep breaths and close your eyes. See where your physical body is sitting or lying down. See the room around you. Now feel yourself floating away from your physical body. You can see your physical body below you. Look at your body as you hover above it.


Now feel yourself floating further up through the ceiling and the roof of the building if you are inside. Float up into the air towards the clouds. The sky is blue and there are white fluffy clouds. As you reach a cloud, float over to it. Pull yourself up onto the cloud and find that the surface feels spongy but firm enough to walk on. As you walk along this cloud, another larger cloud floats close and you climb up onto this cloud.


There is a building made of cloud at one end that you walk towards. In front of this building someone is waiting for you. You greet them with a bow and they bow back to you.


They escort you int0 the building. It feels cool and is very quiet inside. You walk through the almost empty room towards a bench on one side of the room. Your guide sits down with you and you wait in the silence.


Soon a large magnificent Being enters the room and sits in the middle of the floor. You and your guide rise and bow to this Being. Your guide pushes you forward and you walk towards the seated individual.


You stand in front of them a bit awed, and then make a request. This request can be something that you would like more of in your life or something that you would like to change. Do not specify what exactly you would like to have happen, but only what the outcome will be. Let the Being in front of you help with the “how” this will happen in whatever way they see fit.


The Being looks at you and nods. You know that if this is the right thing for you and those around you, they will help to make it happen. Ask if there are any steps you need to take to help with the process. Thank this Being for their time and back away. Your guide meets you and leads you out of the building.


Ask your guide if there is anything else you need to know. Take whatever words, thoughts or feelings are given. Thank your guide and begin to walk back down the cloud. When you reach the edge you can step off of the cloud and begin to just float down towards your physical body.


When you reach your physical body, enter it and begin to hear the sounds around you. Wiggle your fingers and toes, and when you feel ready, open your eyes.


Take some time to make note or journal about your experience. The following questions may help in your process.

Do you feel like the universe supports you or hinders you?


What outcome are you seeking?


Are you willing to accept your desired outcome in a form that does not match your fantasy or vision?


How do you want to feel when you reach your outcome?


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4 thoughts on “Ask For What You Want

  1. I won’t think of the universe as a monolith, with only one resonant frequency in it. Instead, I will see it as a group of flows and eddies, with many different paths. Ultimately, the universe combines all these paths into one force, one that evens everything, but one can still find oneself on one of the very dark and disturbing flows (or eddies) contained in the universe. The one I find myself on now is a real hindrance in getting the thing I want most now. I seek the outcome that the world will become peaceful again, that the violence I see in so many in the world will finally burn itself out, or that the violent forces will annihilate each other. Truly, there are many ways that peace will come, and I know that eventually it will come, it’s all a question of when. The universe contains many worlds and I believe that there will be peace for all in the next one.


  2. For so long I just felt I was not worthy. And that asking would mean I am selfish. However I was wrong. We are all worthy, and need to take care of ourselves as well family and friends.


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