Magic Moment Meditation

Use this meditation for the upcoming full moon on April 10/11.  I will not write much before leading you into this meditation. I want this meditation to be truly yours without my influence. My interpretation and experience of this meditation may be very different from yours and that is perfectly fine. I do hope this meditation brings you relaxation and comfort.

Read through the meditation and then close your eyes. Remember what you can but let your own unconscious lead you where you need to go.

Take a few deep breaths and close your eyes. Find yourself walking across a desert. The ground is parched and cracked. There is very little green to be seen around you. The air is hot and dry on your skin. Walk along and feel the dry earth beneath your feet.

Up ahead you see a woman waiting for you. She holds out her hand as you get closer and you take it. You walk along in silence for a few minutes. Feel the warmth of her hand and the peace that radiates from her. You feel calm in her presence and know this is exactly where you are meant to be in this moment.

She indicates that you should sit down for a moment. She sits on the hard earth and you sit across from her. She again takes your hands and places them into a bowl in front of you. She also forms her hands into a bowl and touches her fingertips to yours. As you watch both of your hands fill up with water. She drinks from her hands and then signals for you to do the same.

You drink the water in your hands. You feel the cool water on your lips and feel it slide down your throat. It is crisp and clean and you can’t imagine anything tasting better in this moment.

The woman then forms her hands into a bowl again and it fills up with water. She pours the water on the ground between you and the water seeps into the earth. As you watch, the cracks in the earth begin to heal. The earth begins to soften underneath you and grass sprouts up and grows quickly into a carpet around you.

The earth as far as you can see is starting to come to life and become green. Plants and trees sprout and grow to full height in a matter of minutes. You begin to feel cooler in the shade created by the plants around you. You relax as the earth around you grows and you take a deep breath. The air now feels moist and lush.

The woman takes your hands again and places them into a bowl. She places her hands around yours and your hands fill again with water. She indicates that you should pour the water on the ground. Once you do, you see a green sprout pop out of the earth. The sprout grows and becomes a beautiful flower. You watch it grow and bloom in front of your eyes. It stops growing at its most perfect point of beauty. The woman smiles. You feel so blessed to have been included in this magic. The woman places her hand on your chest as if to indicate that the power of this magic is inside you as well.

She rises and you join her. She takes your hand again and you walk through this altered landscape. You feel so connected to this woman who has given you this amazing experience. You full feel the joy of being with her and the awe for what you have seen. You know you will remember this feeling for a while.

Soon the woman stops walking and takes your other hand. She looks you in the eyes for a few moments and then kisses you on both cheeks. You look back into her eyes and send her a silent thank you, for all she has given you. Without a sound she releases your hands and walks away through the forest.

Take a few more moments to feel this peace and look around your environment. When you are ready, hear the sounds around your physical body. Wiggle your fingers and toes, and when you feel ready, open your eyes.


Take some time now to at least jot down some notes if not write full journal entries. Writing in your journal after meditation can give you an experience as powerful and informative as the meditation itself.


How did you feel in the desert?


Do you feel that way in any part of your life?


What area of your life needs some tending and care?


What would you like to grow in that area of your life?


How did you feel in the company of your guide?


How can you bring more of that feeling into every day?


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