After the Equinox

Are you feeling any changes after the equinox?  I always begin to feel more energy and focus at this time.  Use this meditation to help with this transition.  Read through the meditation and then close your eyes and follow your own meditation path.

Post Equinox Meditation

Take a few deep breaths and close your eyes.  Find yourself standing in front of and arch leading down a dark tunnel.  What does the arch look like?  What is it made of?  Touch it and feel the texture and the temperature of this arch.  How do you feel when you look down this tunnel.? Are you nervous or excited?

You see a glimmer of light farther down the tunnel and this makes you feel more comfortable heading down this path.  Step into the tunnel and as your eyes adjust to the dark you notice that it isn’t completely dark.  The walks seem to glisten and reflect back the light from farther down the tunnel.  What is the temperature in the tunnel?  How do you feel walking through this space?  What do you anticipate you will find at the other end. 

You begin to see the light get brighter and find yourself nearing the end of the tunnel.  Before leaving the tunnel for the bright light at the other end, savor the last few minutes in the tunnel.  Take some deep breaths in this space and think about how you feel in this environment. 

When you feel ready walk out into the bright light on the other end of the tunnel.  What does this place look like? Is it what you expected? What surrounds you and how do you feel in this place.  You find that a few guides are waiting to greet you here.  They are very happy to see you.

Have a seat with them and ask them a few question about this place and what you are meant to learn here.  Take whatever responses you receive from your guides although the answers may not be totally clear.  Thank your guides for their help. 

Walk around this place and feel the difference after the tunnel.  Think about what you would like to have different in your life.  You may even ask your guides about this and how to make these changes. 

Take as much time as you would like in the place and enjoy the feeling it gives you.  When you feel ready to return to your physical body begin to hear the sounds in the room where you meditate.  Wiggle your fingers and toes, and when you feel ready, open your eyes.

Take some time to write down what you learned in meditation.  This will help you to process and gain more from what was given.

How did you feel in the tunnel?

How did you feel when you left the tunnel?

What information did your guides give you?

What have you been unwilling to change?

What are you willing to give up to make a new path for yourself?

Thank you so much for taking this Journey with me.  Find more like this in my Kindle and Paperback Journals.




5 thoughts on “After the Equinox

  1. In my early and middle childhood, American history was dominated by the Vietnam War. It seemed to go on forever to me, being so young. The end of it was always referred to as “The Light at the End of the Tunnel”. Sometimes the light was getting nearer, if it seemed that peace negotiations were succeeding; other times, there wouldn’t be any light visible at all. When the last American troops finally left Vietnam in the spring of 1973, some Americans there carried a sign with a light on it that said “The Light at the End of the Tunnel”.

    So the Tunnel is the long push through a miserable experience, lasting a terribly long time. The difference is that this time, the end of the Tunnel is a fixed point, not moving, not disappearing. The end may not be a good thing, as the final end of the Vietnam Experience was extremely unpleasant, and plagues us to this day. But the meditation to me seemed to be about moving from the cold misery of the tunnel to the warm sunshine with friendly guides suddenly around me for a warm experience.

    So what is the Tunnel? I thought it might be the miserable experience of living in the time of this horrible president, after which something better will appear, but I’m not sure that’s going to be the case. Perhaps it is entire experience of life itself in this world, often dark and uncertain, that I believe will be replaced by a much better experience in the next world. I would like to think that it would be the end of my clinical depression, but that won’t happen until I move to the next world.

    Perhaps I’m looking at it wrong. Perhaps the significant part isn’t the Tunnel, it’s the movement into the light. Perhaps it’s possible to catch a passing car or train that also happens to be passing through the tunnel and so move into the light that much quicker. Since I’ve spent a lot of time hiding out the last few months, I will say that it is time to move out a little again, be more visible It will have to be a slow process, a little bit at a time. When the spring finally comes, it will be a little easier. Temperatures are appropriate for this area for this time of year, but it is terminally cloudy with occasional rain squalls and they don’t predict we’ll see the sun before Saturday. It doesn’t feel like spring yet.


  2. I think for me the tunnel is the “struggle”. We are always in the tunnel in some aspect in our lives. I don’t think it has to necessarily be awful although sometimes it can be. I think of it as a learning process, which can sometimes be traumatic but other times just difficult. One example I think about is my Master’s program. It wasn’t terrible, I wanted to be there and was learning a lot but it sure was tough looking back with 20/20 hindsight. I often don’t realize I have been in the tunnel until I look back. At the time, I was just plugging along trying to get through and looking back I realize it was a really tough time and things now seem much better… Thanks as always for your comments.


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