Release your Burdens

The energy lately has felt very heavy for me as we transition into Spring. It is now time to start moving forward into this new Spring energy.  Use this guided meditation to prepare yourself for this move.

Read through this meditation and then close your eyes and remember what you can.  Let your meditation follow whatever path it takes.

Close your eyes and take a deep breath.  Find yourself climbing a staircase.  As you climb you feel heavier and heavier and it is harder to keep going.  Luckily you see a landing up ahead although the staircase continues beyond it. 

When you reach the landing you see there is a couch with a table in front of it.  Some tea things have been laid out ion the table.  There is tea and coffee, water and some snacks.  You collapse onto the couch feeling exhausted.  It feels as if every burden in the world has been laid on your shoulders.

After taking some deep breaths and laying on the couch you reach over to take something to drink.  As you sip you feel ask if some of the weight is being removed.  with each sip you feel lighter.  You then sit up and reach for some food on the table.  With each bite you feel reinvigorated.  You are amazed by the transformation.

As you look around the table you see that there is a menu of the items prepared for you.  The ingredients for each item are also listed but they are not food items.  Each ingredient is something you need in your life to lessen your burden.  They may be emotions or they may be activities or even people.  Read through the list.  Are you surprised by any of the ingredients you are craving?  Feel free to taste some additional items and feel yourself renewed.

When you feel you have absorbed all that you can of this amazing meal, rise and walk towards the staircase.  Now, with this new energy you bound up the staircase ready to tackle this new challenge.  When you are ready, begin to hear the sounds around your physical body.  Wiggle your fingers and toes, and open your eyes.

Now take some time to write down what you have learned in this meditation in order to enhance your experience.

What do you feel is weighing you down?


What ingredients were on your menu?


How can you incorporate those things into your life?


What is one thing you can do today to reinvigorate yourself?


What burden are you ready to release?


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One thought on “Release your Burdens

  1. There are two different types of material that I need. One set are the positive forces that sustain a person moving through this world, day-by-day. We have discussed some of them before – courage being one, the courage to take risks that might result in an improved lifestyle. Strength would be another, which I would prefer to refer to as resilience, the ability to continue to do what’s required, no matter what negative things happen.

    The second set would best be called “antibodies” – some form of immunity from negative forces that drain my level of contentment with my life, like wraiths. The current administration of the Malevolent Usurper (I think you know who I mean) is one wraith. Another is the arrogant/ignorant organization that I often have to work with. And finally, I’m occasionally drained by bouts of depression.

    Courage and resilience are all with me to build within myself. Immunity from the wraiths continually eludes me. There is no way to fully shelter from them. People talk at work about various things, both the administration and the arrogant/ignorant organization, and I can’t avoid hearing it. Today I went to have blood drawn for a cholesterol test, the hearings with Mr. Comey and Admiral Rogers were on in the waiting room. While I shut that out, I read an article on the rise of Fascist parties in Eastern European countries, and the celebration of World War II Fascists currently going on there. At the end, the article said that the new Fascists were greatly encouraged by the American election, and feel that their hour has come, or will come soon. The new administration seems to come up everywhere.

    So I’m not sure what to do. The warmth of spring, the ability to see things turn green again, will definitely help. From it, I hope that I can rebuild some courage and resilience to let me continue climbing upwards in this world.


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