Don’t Waste this Energy.

Is your intuition feeling strong?  Mine sure is.  Take advantage of it and then some time to recuperate.  Take good care of yourself over the next week.

Read the following guided meditation and then close your eyes and remember what you can.  Take whatever wisdom and relaxation you are given.  Whatever direction your meditation takes is exactly correct for you.

Take a few deep breaths and close your eyes.  Find yourself walking towards a large old mansion.  The mansion has not been kept up and looks run down and weary.  As you get closer you notice the front door is slightly ajar. 

When you reach the front steps a gust of wind blows by and opens the door even wider.  You walk through the open door and look around for any signs of life.  There are no sounds and it is pretty clear that no one has been in these rooms for a long time.

You walk through the dusty rooms and see there is still some furniture under sheets and even some pictures on the walls. You walk over to one of the pictures and blow off the dust.  A beautiful young woman is in the picture.  She looks happy and her eyes twinkle.  It reminds you that this must have once been a place of joy although those days are in the past. 

As you come to the end of a row of rooms you see a staircase that leads up into a turret room.  The stairs look sturdy and you are curious to see the view from the top of the turret. You walk up the stairs and notice that there are a few rooms near the top.  The doors to these rooms are shut but they do not seem as dusty.  The stairs at this part of the turret are clean as if they are being used.

Therefore you decide to know before entering these rooms.  You knock on one of the doors and hear a faint sound from inside.  You open the door slowly and see and old woman sitting in a straight back chair near one of the turret room windows.  The room is clean and seems comfortable although it is small and does not have must furniture.  There is a small but ornately carved bed, a dresser, a few trunks and chairs and table in front of which the old woman sits. 

She looks at you and smiles and you see the twinkle in her eye and recognize her from the picture.  She waves for you to join her in the chair across from her at the table.  You sit and look out the window and the view is beautiful.  You can understand why the woman has chosen this part of the house to occupy. 

The woman asks you to tell her about yourself and you give her a brief overview of your current life.  She asks how she can help you.  Ask her for some guidance.  She says that she can give you the wisdom of the very old who are less connected to this world and closer to the next.  Listen closely to what she tells you.  It may not be received in world but in pictures, ideas or even just feelings.  Take what is given and there will be time later to consider what it means.  You may ask a more specific question if you have one. 

Thank the woman and ask if you can do anything for her.  She asks you to pour her a glass of water from the pitcher on the dresser where there is also an empty glass.  You hand her the water and she takes a long drink.  She tells you it is the simple pleasures like quenching thirst that sustain her now.  She asks if you can also get her the book from the top of a pile of books on the floor.  Retrieve the book and you can look at the title before you hand it to her.  She takes it an places it on a stack of books next to her on the table.

She thanks you and you thank her again and say goodbye.  You head out the door and back through the steps.  You walk through the mansion to the front door and back outside.  Walk down the front steps and away from the mansion.  As you walk down the drive you look back at the mansion.  You see a small hand wave to you although you can’t see her face.  You smile as you wave back and then continue to walk down the drive.

Begin to hear the sounds around your physical body.  Wiggle your fingers and toes, and when you feel ready open your eyes.

As soon as you can write down some notes about the meditation.

What did the woman tell you?

Could you tell what book she was requesting?

Does that book have any meaning for you?

How can you commit more to yourself?

What wisdom is your own intuition giving you?

How can you support yourself in moving forward?

I really hope you enjoyed this meditation.  I enjoyed writing it so much.  I write these with my eyes closed while going through the meditation and I found this one very powerful.  I hope you do two!

Please let me know your experience in the comments.  If you have any questions or issues that you would like me to make a meditation for please let me know in the comments as well.


2 thoughts on “Don’t Waste this Energy.

  1. This seemed to take me into my family’s past. The mansion was my great-grandfather’s mansion that he owned in southern Amherst County, VA, At first I thought that the woman in the picture was my great-aunt Sallie Rose, but she wouldn’t have been the old woman upstairs since Sallie died in childbirth when she was only 23. So I decided it must be another great-aunt Louise, who we knew as Lute.
    This creates an incongruity. Aunt Lute never lived in my great-grandfather’s mansion (Sallie Rose did). Yankee troops (and family history always requires that they be referred to as Yankees) burned the mansion to the ground in March or April 1865, and Lute wasn’t born until 1881.
    I know very little about Aunt Lute. I know that I met her, but I don’t remember it. She never married, but she had connections, and she was fairly wealthy – I suspect by the buying and selling of real estate. She was a friend (and possibly a paramour) of the Virginia senator Carter Glass (of the Glass-Steagall Act). And I’m pretty sure she was kind. She arranged, with Senator Glass, to have my father made a page in the Senate, taking him out of a difficult home environment. My mother once asked her for money to feed me and my other brothers and sisters in the early 1960s when my parents were broke, and Lute gave it to her.
    I tried to imagine what Lute would tell me. Eventually, I decided that she would tell me about the value of peaceful places, like the one she had created for herself at the top of that mansion, apparently no longer affected by what’s going on in the world outside the house. Truly, I’m seeking my own form of shelter against the rages that I see going on in this country and all around the world. I’m having a much better time reading books as Lute is doing, I’m not really creating anything, except for a very few writings, but I think Lute wanted to tell me that was OK, at least for now. Unfortunately, I wasn’t sure what book she wanted me to give her, unless it was the family history, which is online.
    I can’t help feeling that there’s a much larger interpretation to this. A great storm once rolled across that part of Virginia and the southeastern part of the country, destroying my great-grandfather’s mansion, eliminating his fortune, and leaving a group of dysfunctional behaviors that passed down through the generations to mine, who are the first to understand them well enough to (partially) overcome them. Now another great storm is building in the country, a minority wants to destroy the relatively peaceful if uncertain life that we’ve been able to build. At the moment, I have no energy to repel this storm. I’d rather be sitting with Aunt Lute reading books and drinking coffee and water all the time. Perhaps my energies will change as the weather warms again, or conditions become too unbearable.
    In the end, it all turns to dust. The mansion is long gone – I had the feeling that as I left it and walked away, it was disappearing behind me, along with everything in it, including Aunt Lute, who’s been dead almost 50 years now. And as the mansion disappears and their lives disappear, I hope that Aunt Lute and my great-grandfather have found peace from any terrible misery that they experienced in this world.


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