New Moon and Solar Eclipse

This weekend we have a new moon with a solar eclipse.  The energy begins right now.  This is a time when anything can happen and we may not even realize what a big change has occurred until weeks later.  This is a time to really take care of yourself and let the storm swirl around you.  Stay calm in the eye and watch the craziness unfold but don’t jump in.

I love these times as it is when shift you have been hoping will happen can occur.  I always feel like I am in control of whether I step into the shift or if I let it pass me by.  When I am bored or unhappy with my life I take the plunge but if everything is good I just watch it pass by.

Therefore this energy never scares me, it is just a door opening that I can walk through or not.  Having the option of a big change is always nice.  It either shows me that my world is too small and I need to shake it up or gives me gratitude for how good things are and that I don’t want it to change.

To consider what changes you may need try this guided meditation.  Read through the meditation and then close your eyes and remember what you can.  Whatever direction your meditation goes in is exactly right for you.

Take a few deep breaths and close your eyes.  Find yourself sitting on a porch swing.   Sit quietly for just a moment.  Hear the relaxing sounds around you and feel the warm breeze.  Although this place feels very peaceful you can feel the potent energy all around you.  You intuitively know that this swing is a portal through time.  With each swing a year will pass and then allow you to meet with your future self from that year.

Take some time to decide how far in the future you want to go and when you are ready begin to swing.  The landscape changes rapidly around you with each swing and you know you are moving quickly.  When you are done stop swinging. 

After a short wait you hear footsteps and your future self appears.  What questions do you have for this future version of who you may become?  Don’t worry if you receive unsettling news.  This is just one possible future and they may have come to warn you so you can avoid this outcome.  Ask about their life.  Ask how they came to be where they are in life.  Ask what is most important to them.  Ask what suggestions they would give you.  Ask anything you can think of that you would like to know and that would give you guidance. 

Take whatever information is given.  It may not be entirely clear and may take further thought or journaling.  When you have asked all of your questions you may ask if they have anything they want to tell you.  Thank this version of yourself and they rise and walk away.

When you are ready, a few more swings will return you to the current time.  Begin to hear the sounds around your physical body.  Wiggle your fingers and toes, and when you feel ready, open your eyes.

Take some time to write down some notes after this meditation.  This will help you process what you received in the meditation and remember what you learned.

What did you learn from your guide?

Where do you need to focus on what you want?

How did you feel about your guide?

What did your guide show you that you haven’t seen?

Did your guide help you choose a new path or to stay on the current path?

How can you support yourself on this path?

These moon cycles are reminders to make conscious decision in our life.  Know where you want to go and take incremental steps in the right direction.  This is hard work and you should be proud you take this time for reflection.

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7 thoughts on “New Moon and Solar Eclipse

  1. I wasn’t willing to go more than ten years into the future. It was very hard for me to even guess at what I from 2027 might tell myself in 2017. I decided that what he would tell me would be the best that I could realistically expect to hear, “It wasn’t as terrible as you feared.”
    “You can never be completely free from your condition, there is no cure for it. But it is only chronic, it can be managed, and you can keep finding relief as you’ve done for almost three years now. Remember what you often tell other people, ‘Nothing lasts in this world, including the bad stuff;, Remember also what Mahatma Gandhi said, “There have always been tyrants and murderers throughout history. And for a time they can seem invincible, but they always fall. Think of it, always. Whenever you do doubt that this is God’s way, think of that.’ However, there seems to be no way to prevent such tyrants and murderers from continuing to appear.”
    And so I will move on into the world, finding enjoyment where I can, and trying not to be overly concerned about the bad things, knowing that they will end, too.

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