How to Refocus

It is important to take time to refocus regularly.  You want to make sure the path you have chosen is still the direction you want to head in.

I find journaling and guided meditation are the best tools for me to step back and look at the bigger picture.  Sometimes it is easy to focus all of our energy on the day to day activities and lose track of our larger goals.

Try reading the following meditation and then close your eyes and remember what you can.  Let your meditation take you where you need to go.  Then journal about the guidance you received and look even closer at where you want to spend your precious energy.

Take a few deep breaths and close your eyes.  Find yourself walking towards a large tree with a door in the side of the trunk.  Hear the sounds of the leaves under your feet and the birds in the trees.  Smell the woods all around you and feel the breeze on your skin. 

As you reach the tree place your hand on the door.  How do you feel with your hand on the door? Are you excited or nervous?  Where do you hope this door will lead?

Open the door and step inside.  The tree is hollow and there is a light coming from above.  There is a ladder on one side of the hollow tree.  Begin to climb up through the tunnel of the tree. 

You seem to climb for a long time.  Much longer than it would take to reach the top of the tree.  Soon the light becomes brighter and as you climb out of the tree you emerge at ground level in a new world.  How does this world look different from your own? 

You hear someone calling your name and you look around for the guide that is calling you.  Who is the guide that has come to greet you?  What do they look like?  Have you met them before?  If they are new to you, go ahead and ask their name.  Greet your guide and ask what they have come to teach you.

Listen to whatever they have to tell you or how being with them makes you feel.  They may lead you somewhere to show you something and teach you a lesson in that way.  When you have received all the information you need from your guide, thank them for their help.

When you are ready to return to your physical body, there is no need to go back through the tree tunnel.  You need only to walk away from your guide and focus on the sounds around your physical body.  Wiggle your fingers and toes and when you feel ready open your eyes.

Journal Prompts

What did you learn from your guide?


Where do you need to focus your attention right now?


How are you being guided to spend your time?


Is there someone you need to learn from?


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Take care, Jessica Cross

4 thoughts on “How to Refocus

  1. The guide was a character from a book I just finished reading. Her name is Mother Sereda, she might be described as a fairy godmother. At one point, she asks the main character, “It may be that there is no meaning anywhere. Could you face that interpretation,?”, and he replies, “”No. I have faced god and devil, but that I will not face.” And that, I suppose, is the sum of the meditation – I can’t find meaning, at least in things that are pleasant. The unpleasant things have a meaning – it’s the meaning I’ve always found in them, that they are relentless, and unceasing in their efforts to make things worse. They are zombie manifestations – no matter how many times you knock them down, they just keep shambling along, creating sorrow and fear, All the guide could do was commiserate with me – I don’t have any real ideas of what to do next except get through the days with as little contact with the zombies as possible, so neither did Mother Sereda. I suppose that the pleasant things do have a meaning in that they make my life bearable for a while longer. Perhaps in the spring time, I will be able to refocus on some things and give the pleasant things greater weight.


      1. Thank you very much, Jess. My bewilderment will remain but your kindness certainly increases the enjoyment of my life. I send love your way in hope of achieving the same purpose, but I hope that those closest to you will give you all the love that they have.


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