Reclaim your Power

Use meditation and journal prompts to reclaim your power.


Sometimes life feels totally out of whack and you just can’t put your finger on what is wrong.  These are the times when you need to step back and gain perspective.  It is important to look at the situation you are dealing with but also look at yourself and how you are changing.

A problem may seem bigger than it is because it is altering your view of the world.  One way to gain control in any situation is to find the lesson that you can learn.  We face many problems and transitions in our lives that we may not be able to change.  

The one thing we can always change, is how we perceive the situation.  Even in the most difficult situations there is usually something to learn.  It might take time to get to a place where you can actually think of the lesson and not just feel the pain of the situation, but if you can get to that place you can reclaim some of your power.

Take some time to relax with a meditation and then consider the Journal questions below.  Read through the following meditation and then close your eyes and remember what you can or take your own path.


Take a few deep breaths and close your eyes.  Find yourself walking on a twisting path up a mountain pass.  There are trees all around you and you would not know you are on a mountain except for the continuous incline.

Hear the sounds of the woods and the animals around you.  As you walk you begin to feel tired.  You wonder how far you are from the top of the mountain.  It seems like you have been walking for a long time.


You stop and sit on a stump next to the path and question whether or not you should go on.  As you sit a humming bird beings to fly around you.  What do humming birds represent to you?  What qualities do they have?

You watch the humming bird for a bit and then rise to continue walking. The humming bird flits around in front of you, often going far into the wood almost as it to show you an interesting tree or flower.  You watch the humming bird and feel stronger as you walk.

Before you know it the trees are thinning and you are almost to the top of the mountain.  You are amazed at how easily you reached the summit considering your exhaustion early on.  

Walk to the top of the mountain and look all around you.  The humming bird flits around your head a few more times and then returns to the woods.  If there is any realization or wisdom you have received from this journey you may shout it out to the world from this peak of the mountain.  Feel your power.

When you are ready to return to your physical body.  Begin by hearing the sounds around you.  Then you may wiggle your fingers and toes, and open your eyes.

Journal Questions

How are your beliefs being challenged?

What new opportunities are available?

Where can you step out of the way of a problem?

How are you acting as your own worst enemy?

How can you choose Peace?

How can you prepare for a major shift in your life?

Taking this time for introspection is invaluable.  If you enjoy taking this time check out my Paperback and Kindle Journals on Amazon: Click Here

Take care of yourself

Jessica Cross

3 thoughts on “Reclaim your Power

  1. My thought about the hummingbird is that it has perhaps the most rapid metabolism on this planet. In contrast, mine continues to decline as I age, making it hard to climb mountains. If I were climbing a mountain, I would remember that as long as there were trees around, I was still under 10,000 feet. I understand that if I react in anger to what my management tells me, I am my own worst enemy. Other than that, I’m not sure how to answer your questions. I feel adrift now. I don’t now what to do except to wait for spring, And I must admit that it’s hard to feel powerful when a minority of the country imposes its views remorselessly and violently on the majority, and there’s nothing to deter them.

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