New Moon Guidance or Transition?

Picture by Joshua Damasio

Today is the New Moon and that is the time to move in a new direction.  This is an especially transformational new moon since it is right before the new year.  It is time to think about how we want next year to be different from this year.

Sometimes we need a major change in our lives and sometimes we just need some guidance to continue following the path we are on.  Consider the following questions and write down the first ideas that pop into your head.  

What is the situation you are facing?

What are your dreams telling you about the what you need to change?

What opportunities are available?

Have you learned the lesson of this situation?

What do you need to watch out for?

How can you honor what is most important to you in your decision?

Now try the guided meditation for additional insight.  Read through the meditation and then close your eyes and remember what you can.  Let your meditation unfold in anyway you need it to.

Close your eyes and take a deep breath.  Find yourself standing in front of a pond.  The sun is slowly setting and the sky is a beautiful purple color.  Watch as the sun set and turns the pond into a mirror which reflects the sky.  

To your left is a small wooden bridge.  Approach the bridge and begin to walk to the middle of the bridge.  When you reach the middle, look over the railing into the pond.  See the sky, stars and the moon reflected in the pond.  

Think of a question you have been wanting to ask the universe. Look up into the sky and send your thoughts with this question up to the moon and the stars.  

Now, look back down at the pond.  Feel a breeze that blows by and stirs the water of the pond.  As the water settles it no longer reflects the sky but begins to show you pictures. These picture may answer your question, or provide you some insight on what would be a better question.  

Send your thanks for whatever you receive. Now you can decide if you want to return to the side of the bridge where you entered with your new information.  The alternative, is to prepare for a major transition in you life and cross to the other side of the bridge.  The decision is up to you and either decision is fine.  

Once you return to the edge of the pond, walk away from the bridge. Look back one last time at the lake.  Send your gratitude for all you have and everything good that will come to you in the future.  

Begin to hear the sounds around your physical body.  Wiggle your fingers and toes and when you are ready open your eyes.  

Now write down what you learned from the meditation.  Return to each question and consider it again.  Write down any further thoughts you have on each question.  Allow yourself to think on the questions over the week and see if you have further thoughts or receive any insights through dreams.

Congratulate yourself for taking this time to decide how to move forward rather than just let life happen around you.  If you want more support join us in my private journaling Facebook group: Click Here

If you want a guide to help you consider these kinds of questions all year long, the 2017 Journal: Gratitude to Growth is available on Amazon for guidance all year.

Take good care of yourself, Jessica Cross 

5 thoughts on “New Moon Guidance or Transition?

  1. The question I asked the universe was, “Was it for this the clay grew tall?” (It’s a line from a Wilfred Owen poem.) What I was shown was the good things that I accomplished in my life, and the possibility that I might accomplish more myself. Most of the good will ultimately be completed through the people that I’ve supported while I’ve been here, meager as it’s been. Though it’s early, my young relatives seem like they’re going to do well, or at least not badly, except for one who has an enzyme deficiency that must ultimately prove fatal. I believe that my parents’ descendants will continue on through the ages, and however much I’ve made it easier for them, to me it seems to be the only reason “the clay grew tall”.

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      1. Thank you. But I think giving bith to and raising a child will be much more significant than anything I ever do.


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