Owl Meditation

Thank you so much for allowing me to share these meditations with you.  I needed this one more than anyone else!  I often have a hard time staying in the present and it was so good to have the reminder.

Read through the following meditation and then close your eyes and remember what you can.  Let the meditation unfold however it needs to for you.  It may be very different from mine, but I would love to hear where you go in the comments.

Meditation: Owl

Take a deep breath and close your eyes.  Find yourself walking down a path towards a mountain range in the distance.  The sun is slowly setting behind the mountains and it is beautiful.  You wonder what you will do when it is completely dark.  You have no provisions to stay the night and there is not much around to use as shelter.

You feel a bit of panic in your stomach and decide to walk off the path to see if you can find something for shelter.  As you walk you hear the birds quiet down and a chill come into the air.  You are now feeling a bit scared and wonder what you will do if you don’t find something to help keep you warm soon.  

Up ahead you see an owl on a tree stump who seems to be waiting for you.  As you get near, the owl does not fly away but just continues to wait.  You crouch down to look the owl in the eyes. The Owl shakes it’s head, looking down as if disappointed in you. When the owl raises it’s eyes you look into their yellow light and know you will be taken care of by this guide.

Greet this guide either verbally or simply through eye contact.  Your guide can understand you either way.  What does your guide respond to your greeting?  You may hear words, have thoughts, see pictures or colors or just have a feeling.  Take whatever is given.

The owl flies off a bit and stops, waiting for you to follow.  The owl leads you to a small lean-to that is just big enough for one but is cozy inside.  There is wood for a fire laid in the pit out front and even a box with provisions inside.  

The owl informs you that although you may not be able to see what will happen, your guides are watching out for you.  You cannot predict what will occur in the future either positively or negatively, so trying to control and plan everything all the time is not the most helpful use of time. Plan what you can and expect to be surprised. Do not let planning for the future prevent you from enjoying the beautiful sunset ahead of you as well.

Thank owl for it’s guidance as you get comfortable and warm in the lean-to.  Enjoy the sunset and the warmth of the fire.  Relax and enjoy the peace and joy of being cared for by your guides.

When you are ready, hear the sounds around your physical body. Wiggle your fingers and toes, and open your eyes.

What did you learn?

What do you try to control too hard to open up to other opportunities?

When do you miss the present because you are too focused on the future?

If you enjoy these meditations you can experience more with the Free Shadow Work Journal.  This will give you 7 guided meditations to access the parts of your psyche that you may try to ignore: https://gum.co/fnek


Thank you for taking this Journey with me, Jessica Cross

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