Set Boundaries

Time to break out the Yule log in December!  It is the most wonderful time of the year…right?

Well, based on my years counseling, not so much for most of us.  Now, I am not a Grinch and I actually love the holidays but that was not always the case.  I love the holidays because I have crafted holidays that I love.  Here are some of the boundaries I have put in place to bring the joy back to the holidays for me.

I see family – but not for too long or too many of them at once.

I give presents – but only to kids (with a few poor college students thrown in), and my Mother-in-Law, who used to fill everyone else’s stocking but nobody filled hers.

I decorate – but only what can be done in an afternoon and disassembled in the same amount of time.

I don’t try to keep up with the Jones’ and I don’t try to meet others expectations (no Holiday cards, no big Thanksgiving dinner made from scratch, no extravagant gifts).  There may be some people in my family who consider this Scrooge-like but it allows me to enjoy the holidays and the people I spend them with (including those that may think I’m stingy or lazy).

What boundaries do you need to set?

Who’s expectations are you trying to meet?

What can you let go of this Holiday season?

Acknowledge that even if you love them, the holidays can be hard.  You need to schedule in extra self-care time and know that not everything will be perfect.

Pay attention to the energies and work when you feel inspired and relax when you feel overwhelmed.

1 Don’t wait to decide
2 Find the root cause of issue.
3 Don’t expect others to fix this.
4 Rebuild with a new perspective.
5 Help is available.
6 This is a good partnership.
7 There is a choice to be made.
8 See the light at the end of the tunnel.
9 Adapt to this change.
10 Follow what you feel is right.
11 Look for a new opportunity.
12 Accept what can’t be changed.
13 Take a step back from action.
14 Consider your options.
15 Find the grey area.
16 You can’t do everything.
17 Take one step at a time.
18 Expect the unexpected.
19 Reassess what you want.
20 There is an easy way out.
21 It is not as bad as you thought.
22 Give yourself time to recover.
23 Have gratitude for what you are given.
24 Open to a new communication.
25 Time to change plans.
26 Let it go and don’t obsess.
27 Look ahead to what you want.
28 Not your circus, not your monkeys.
29 Things will become clearer soon.
30 Reward yourself for perseverance.
31 Choose your own route.

If you need reminders like this all year long or know someone who does, consider checking out a preview of my 2017 Journal: Gratitude to Growth – Click Here.


Take good care of yourself this season,

Jessica Cross

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